Quilting Arts Gifts 2012 | Celebratory Giveaway!

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you may already know this, because the digital version has been out for about a month, but I wanted to wait until I had a hard copy in my own two hands before blogging about it!

Yes, indeed, those are my Holiday Row Houses on the cover of Quilting Arts Gifts!

People ask if I knew about it, and the answer to that is no!

An email from Interweave’s Quilting Daily about a month ago had the cover and information about the magazine, when I clicked on the email… Shazzaam! was I excited to see that picture!

As always, this is an awesome magazine, chock full of awesome things to make.

They also have cookie recipes from the contributors! Logan and I shared our recipe for Molasses Crinkles, which is officially Santa’s favorite cookie. I can’t wait to try Lisa Chin’s nut cups, the recipe looks delicious!

I love Christmas, and always have lots of ideas of things to make for the holidays. Although lots of those ideas remain in my head, the submission deadline for this magazine always inspires me to make at least some of the things rattling around inside my brain! I’ve got three different projects in this issue:

First off, my Holiday Row Houses:

I love love LOVE how they photographed it – it’s kind of hard to see in this picture, but they’ve got some 2 dimensional trees made from white paper (or cardstock), I am TOTALLY using this idea come Christmas time!

I’ve got some really quick to make napkin rings, with a really cool way to make 3-d holly leaves:

And finally, a mantle scarf that was inspired by people who decorate by hanging beautiful glass balls in front of a window or fireplace…those would last about 3 hours in my house, but this fabric version is kid and dog proof:

The folks at Interweave sent me an extra copy of the magazine, I’d love to share it with one of my blog readers…and to celebrate my cover gal status, I’m going to give away a set of  hand dyed, jewel tone fat quarters – enough for you to make a set of row houses for yourself!


I’ll choose a winner this Sunday, the 23rd, and announce it next Monday. There are two ways to enter:


  1. Leave a comment on this post – let me know your favorite holiday baked treat! Make sure to enter your email in the commenting form (it doesn’t appear to blog readers, only me!) so I can contact you if you win.
  2. Subscribe to my newsletter (the subscription form is in the upper right corner of my sidebar) and leave a 2nd comment (if you are already a subscriber, hooray, leave me a comment to let me know!)
The Giveaway is closed, congratulations Susan!
I am over the moon with this honor, and am so happy to share this with you!


368 Responses

  1. Have just discovered your site! I am totally delighted with all the colour!
    Wonderful cover…congratulations on being a cover girl!!
    I shall be a frequent visitor….and will treat myself to some vibrant fabric soon!

  2. My Mom makes the most delicous coconut cake. It melts in your mouth. Ity’s funny, but when I saw that fabric I thought “That looks absolutly scrumptous!” Just like that cake.

  3. My favorite holiday treat is Grandma’s kolachke: A sugar/pecan/cinnamon filled buttery pastry cookie rolled in crescents and sprinkled with confectioners sugar.

  4. My sister makes wonderful old fashion fudge. You know, the kind you have to use a candy thermometer for. It’s the same kind my mother use to make. Melt in you mouth delicious.

  5. My family’s favorite, and mine, is pear pie, fresh pears baked in a creamy custard filling. The best!

  6. My fav is petite cream puffs with dark choclate glaze…YUM. Love the fabrics! Congrats on the cover! Thanks for the chance.

  7. Congratulations – how exciting! I am really thrilled for you!

    My favourite baked holiday treat is my MIL’s Christmas cake — so tasty and I don’t have to make it!

  8. I love your fabric the color of the rainbow,soft texture,rich tones with waves of pure elegance.I would love to quilt your fabric to show off to family and friends if given the opportunity.Thank you.

  9. favorite holiday treat – Cranberry Bliss Bars 😉 and Baking Powder Crumb Coffee Cake for holiday breakfast. What a terrific colorful bundle of inspiration!!

  10. While the holiday treats are so tempting, nothing gets my heart racing like beautifal hand dyed fabrics. I’m crossing my fingers as I love those houses.

  11. My favorite Christmas cookie is the Eggnog Yule Log cookie. Easy to make and my family and extended family love them .

  12. My favorite – Toffee Bars – which are as rich as you can get without being able to buy every batik out there!

  13. I’m a sucker for these little crispy coffee-brown sugar cookies that you roll through chocolate sprinkles before you cut them off the log to bake. I could eat them all by myself! The fabrics are positively beautiful. I haven’t had the opportunity to work with hand dyed pieces yet, but i’d love a shot at these!

  14. love love love the houses, and I had already rejected every single fabric I own.
    How I would love this fabric so that my black/white dining room could sparkle
    with these Houses. It follows the theme I seem to have, of doors, windows and
    Love them.

  15. I am not much of a baker, so I put my holiday treat-making energy into making chocolate truffles. I have recently moved into a new house with a fireplace whose mantle is crying out for something colorful–I think your row houses would be perfect.

  16. I love to make (and share) my Aunt Tressie’s “Jewish cookies” during the holidays…they are a shortbread bar topped with beaten egg whites, brown sugar, and chopped pecans…!

  17. My favourite is cherry cheesecake, (no bake) and also, my late Mom’s Christmas Pudding with egg sauce. Can’t decide.

  18. My favourite treat to make is haystacks. I have only found one recipe that I love and I’ve had it for 10 years!! Somehow survived all the moves. My second favourite is my late grandmother’s turtles. Oh my sweet heaven, they were amazing. Congrats on the spread!

  19. home made orange-cranberry-creamcheese spread. So yummy!
    I love to do fused applique and your row houses are so cute! Fabric please.

  20. Chance number 2 to win the fabric, because I am a subscriber to your newsletter already. Treat for the Holidays #2 would be Pigs in a blanket on Christmas Eve because my kids always made them with me when they were little and still do with their kids. Happy memories. Fabric please.

  21. You are the greatest! Our favorite recipe is probably the red velvet cake since both of our sons were born in December, one on Christmas morning! they always wanted red velvet cake for their birthday celebrations and now that they are grown with families of their own, we bake a red velvet birthday cake for Jesus!


  22. How fabulous and exciting for you to be in Quilting Arts!! Sooo happy for you and I would just love to win the giveaway. I hope your fabric shows up in even more magazines!

  23. My favorite Christmas cookie is the classic sugar cookie. I actually like them best with sugar sprinkles and no frosting.

  24. I love, love candy cane cookies which my mother made when I was growing up. I made them with my son when he was growing up.

  25. Candy, As soon as I saw the houses, I knew they were yours and picked up “Gifts” right away! Love your handdyes! And Pumpkin Cheesecake goes with everything for Christmas. (or anytime!)

  26. Congratulations, I will buy this issue if I don’t win it here! My favorite holiday baked treat is my moms sugar cookies probably because its nostalgic, we used to decorate them together when i was young.

  27. Congrats Candy – gives me goose bumps to see you published! The colors, the textures, the oomph you create makes it all come alive!

    And for my fav Holiday “treat” – nothing better that the rum balls Damian makes – with a little red dot for Rudolf’s nose (well if there are any left at decoration time of course!)

    PS: checkout the link to my fav TG cookie that Tashi made 🙂

  28. I love to make filled shortbread cookies during the holidays! Whatever preserves I am using for the filling, I add a similar or complementary liquor to the preserves to take it up a notch. (i.e. raspberry, apricot, peach, etc.) I also add my secret ingredient (pumpkin pie spice) to the shortbread portion, which I add to most of my baked goods. I bake them in a fluted pan that has a criss cross pattern on the bottom, then cut them in wedges like pie pieces. They come out really pretty that way. Everyone I’ve made these for loves them!

    Good luck with all your art shows coming up! I love the nesting baskets I purchased at the last show. 😉 And I can’t wait to see what’s new.

    p.s., Congrats on being a Cover Girl, once again! Our rising star! 😉 Love the mantel piece too. But then, I love all your things!

  29. Great job on the cover! I have been going into my local JoAnn’s every day waiting for this magazine. I will have to check again today! Congrats

  30. wonderful job! Its always nice to know someone I am familiar with is doing so great! Keep up the fantastic work!

  31. I love the cover
    the houses are so CUTE!
    my favorite holiday baked treat?
    roll out sugar cookies!
    take care, Debbie

  32. Congratulations Candy!!! I know you must be sailing on cloud 9 right now. Love your handdyed jeweltones!!

  33. I love the colors you use. They would match some of the colors in my yard; blue ginger, orange tulip tree, blue/orange/yellow bird of paradise. Yes, I live in Hawaii where my view out of my family room is a riot of color. I have visions of what I would do with those yummy colors you create!
    Arlene Adams

  34. Not very traditional but I love Starbuck’s Eggnog Frappuccinos!
    Congratulations Candi on making the cover!!

  35. My mother used to make the “Whiskey Cake”, actually called the
    Lane Cake. It had several layers with a fruit filling (that had
    whiskey in it) and a cooked icing. It kept for a long time but never lasted long at our house.
    I’m new to this site but plan of frequent visits!

  36. Congrats on the cover. Love, love love it!!! My favorite holiday treat is toffee. I trained my oldest how to make it and we make tons of the stuff to give as gifts. Also have a killer homemade Snickers recipe that some of my family begs me to make, but hte toffee is my favorite.

  37. Hi- My favorite treat is Lebkuchen! My mother is form Austria and she makes every year for Christmas as well as a dozen other cookie types!

  38. Candy, I’m so happy for you!

    One of my favorite holiday treats is Chocolate Amaretto Cheesecake.

    I surely would love to win your gorgeous fabrics!

    Betty Ann Carroll

  39. Candy I love your work. That is so cool you made the cover!! I would love to win a copy of the magazine as we are now living in China and I cannot just go to the quilt shop and pick one up!! Oh yeah, there are no quilt shops here!!
    One of our family’s favorite holiday cookies is Sugar cookies. It is my grandmothers recipe and we have so much fun cutting them out and decorating them.

  40. I am married to a German chef and restaurant owner and so we bake lots of German traditional goodies during the holidays. One of my favorites is Rosinenschnecken – loosely translated to English = ‘raisin snails’! Doesn’t sound very appetizing does it? =0) Rosinenschnecken is a non yeast sweet roll flavored with cinnamon & raisins (or marzipan & chocolate chips) much like American sweet buns that are spiral in form. So good straight from the oven and drizzled with glaze, makes me want to go bake a batch right now!

  41. I already am subscribed to your newsletter! Thank you for such a nice give-a-way! Always buy this mag as soon as it hits the shelves, would be sweet to win a copy, and the fabric is gorgeous!!

  42. I love chocolate peanut butter balls (also known as buckeyes).
    Congrats on being on the cover of Quilting Arts Gifts! That is awesome!

  43. Oh what a lovely project to have in the magazine!

    My favourite baked treat at Christmas is my mum’s traditional Christmas Cake, iced with marzipan and Royal icing. Yum!

    I also love Leibkuchen.

  44. I love this magazine! And I’m so enjoying your DVD!

    Our families’ favorite treat is the Christmas pudding (which is a steamed dried fruit cake made a year in advance). It “ripens” for a year in the freezer. It’s the “lighting of the cake” with brandy in a dark room that’s really fun! Then, it’s served with a little warmed “hard sauce” and enjoyed by all. A little goes a looonnnggg way!

  45. Congratultions! So happy to see hand-dyeds on the cover! My favorite holiday treat is called walnut roll … my mother used to make it in a big roaster. It’s made with yeast dough, ground walnuts and honey. It tastes wonderful and brings back so many Christmas memories- the best part of making it.

  46. Too funny…. a.k.a. timing is everything (and ditto for color!): I submitted just bout exactly the same project a few years ago (and didn’t get in)! Mine was house-shaped blue batiks with stencilled snowflakes, hands of each person in the family, and on the back side windows that were pockets for a photo of the person whose hand was on the other side! But mine didn’t have the fun variations in rooflines yours has…gonna use that idea! Anyway,the next year I won a prize in Houston sponsored by QA, so I did a 2-page photo frame using the same technique (except on rectangles) as a thank you to Pokey and John, and then IT got in the magazine (2010-11 issue I think). GOOD FOR YOU for getting the project IN and best of all on the cover WOOOHOOOHOOO! It’s your happy colors and fun funkiness!

  47. And just signed up for your newsletter! I’m thinking of starting one too… after several years of being distracted by too much life, I’m getting back in the game! I’d LOVE to win your fabrics….drool! All the hand dye, none of the mess in my house LOL!

  48. Living in Ohio, we are required to bring Buckeyes to all gatherings that our families have outside of this state.

  49. How wonderful to have your work on the cover! The saturated colors of the houses make these simple shapes dance. Congratulations on having all three projects in the magazine!

  50. Ever since being diagnosed with Celiac disease, I am unable to eat my favorite Holiday baked goods. My Mom and Dad both came from eastern Europe and our holidays were filled with kolachy, pierogi and other items that I just cannot eat any longer. I’ve tried making them gluten free, but they just don’t taste the same.
    I would be happy just to eat my Grandma’s Russian Black Bread once more!! It’s an sweetened egg bread with golden raisins that tastes SO good warm with butter.
    If nothing else, I have my memories. Maybe someday, I can eat the traditions once more.

  51. Woohoo! congrats on being a cover girl! I’m a QA subscriber so I’m looking forward to receiving mag. Favorite Christmas candy–Divinity!

  52. Thanks for the opportunity to win such beautiful fabrics. My favorite holiday cookie is my husband’s Aunt Bernice’s Rum Fudge Cookies.

  53. Congratulations, Candy! Great job on the projects in the magazine. My favorite Holiday treat is anise flavored sugar cookies, like my Mom used to make me.

  54. Congratulations!
    I have to second the above reply, Anise flavored sugar cookies. I think they are a traditional Italian cookie even though I’m not Italian!

  55. Candy, Candy, Candy: Grandma Glendening’s molasses cookies have become a tradition in the Michael Garvey household since 1987. Would not be Christmas without them. Would love to win so I can make your houses!! Just got another embroidery machine and am considering the new Baby Lock Tiara quilting machine. Wish we were closer so we could share crafting time. There is so much I could learn from you!!

  56. Candy: Congrats on making the cover. Will be out looking for the mag over the weekend. Will have to take to my quilting class and brag on you!!

  57. Congratulations on your piece being in the Magazine. My favorite Holiday treat is Macaroons. I even make them off season too.. they are so good and yum

  58. Ooh, 297 comments already, not much chance for me then! But anyway, congrats to you Candy, it’s a great honour to have one’s work on the front cover of such a great magazine. I love those little houses too.

  59. Believe it or not….fruitcake! Love it. Would love this copy of the magazine and your hand dyes. Congratulations on being a ! I can imagine your excitement. If it were me I would be crazy excited too.

  60. Oh ur lucious colors compare to a wonderfully delicious vegetable lasagna!
    Thank you for the opportunity to participate!

  61. I love Quilting Arts Magazine. I love the houses and have already planned on making them for the holidays to put on my shelf at work and another set for my home. Thanks for the idea.

  62. The colours of your fabrics are fabulous. I particularly like the way you free-motion with a style that is delightful and funky. Thank you for this great opportunity.

  63. Gorgeous colors! I make candy cane cookies every year- tradition from when I was a kid. There are things I like to eat better, but these are my favorite things to make 🙂

  64. My favorite holiday treat is a Norwegian cookie called Fatigmans which my mother used to make. Wish I had the recipe.

  65. Those houses are soooo cute! My favorite Christmas treat are frosted sugar cookies 😉 I signed up for your newsletter too thanks for the give away

  66. My favorite holiday baked good is Old fashioned sugar cookies made with my best helping hands the grandkids there are five of them now and we have so much fun and create the best Christmas cookies together.
    Thank you for sharing all you wonderful creations.

  67. Love your colors and the houses! Thanks for a chance to win.

    I’m not signing up for your newsletter because I find that I don’t actually read newsletters. I will add you to my blog reader because I do read those and keep up with folks better that way.

  68. Hi! My favorite holiday treat are sugar cookies. My mother’s recipe has sour cream and that makes the cookie soft. Thanks for the opportunity to share a good memory.

  69. My favorite holiday treat are frosted sugar cut-out cookies! Especially the ones my mother-in-law bakes – they’re the best! With sprinkles!

  70. My favorite treat has got to be Pumpkin pie with whipped cream. Yummy stuff! Love these beautiful jewel toned colors in these fat quarters. I am picturing all kinds of things I could make using them. 🙂

  71. I love baking at the holidays, and I mix it up every year, but I just love thumbprint cookies with festive raspberry preserves as filling. I also love to sew gifts for friends and family, and Quilting Arts! Thanks for having this giveaway 🙂

  72. I LOVE the houses!! My favorite holiday baked treat..hmm..thinking..probably chocolate cherry cookies. They are great, but a pain…so only make them around Christmas.:)

  73. Congratulations! What a wonderful achievement! My favorite Christmas treat to make: soft sugar cookies with red, green, and white frosting. Just like Mom used to make. 🙂

  74. Congrats on making the cover! Love the houses and the hand-dyes.
    My fave treat is gluten free pumpkin muffins with lots of pecans, itty bitty choco bits and some toffee on top. Hmmm.. can’t wait to start baking 🙂

  75. During the Christmas season is the only time I make cookies. And I make dozens of several different kinds. Trays are given to all the local relatives and are looked forward to by all.

  76. Love your Christmas houses! My favorite holiday recipe is my Mom’s Gift of the Magi bread, with dried fruit and chocolate chips.

  77. Just found you via quilting arts on facebook. thanks for the opportunity to win some of your lovely fabric and for a peek at the new gifts mag.

  78. I like most treats, but one of my favorites is goodie bars. It’s hard to go wrong with chocolate, peanut butter and marshmallows.

  79. Apple Pecan Loaf Cake with caramel sauce – yum
    Or green tomato pickles,
    Or apple spice jam,
    Or cheesy creamed potatoes,
    Or Bbq meatloaf,
    Or . . . .

  80. My favorite holiday baked treat is gingerbread. I love your houses!
    I will be signing up for your news letter today. I can’t wait to get you news letters!

  81. My favorite baked holiday treat is ginger bread. I love your houses. ] am signing up for you news letter to day. I’m looking forward to receiving them.

  82. My favorite baked treat would have to be Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls with Maple Cream Cheese Frosting. I might just have to go make some now!

  83. I picked up this magazine 2 weeks ago at a quilt shop in Columbus and was thrilled to see all of your contributions. Your fellow Stress-Knotters wish you well. I cannot wait to try the recipes in the book too.

  84. My favorite Christmas treat is my Mother’s applesauce cake with fruit and nuts added to make the best fruitcake ever. Even people who hate fruitcake love it..
    Also, have to tell you I had planned to buy this issue because of the row houses on the cover…good to ‘meet’ the artist..

  85. Those fabrics are beautiful!
    Favorite at Christmas time – cookies – Peanut Butter Kisses!

  86. I have just subscribed. I am a color junkie so I am over the moon about your houses!
    My most popular holiday cookie is Malted Milk Brownies. I also love some praline cookies I make!

  87. My favorite Christmas treat was the Fatigmans that my mother used to make. Wish I had the recipe.

  88. My favorite treats are my moms christmas cookies we have to make then every year or my boy say it not christmas.

  89. my fav christmas goodie is fruitcake! noone else around me likes it … i get to eat it all! hah! your hand dyed jewel tones … eye candy! thanx for the chance to win it!

  90. I LOVE homemade Christmas cookies! Just sit me next to the platter & I’m set for the night!