September Goals Check-in


And the days and weeks keep rolling along! I’m getting my main goals ticked off, but I’m NOT chipping away at stock for my first show in October…waaaay too early in October!

September Goals

Dyeing 102 Sessions 8 September 12  100%
Custom E-reader class September 15  100%
Dye scarves for Fall Shows September 30  0%
Make Headbands for Fall Shows September 30  0%
iPad and Kindle covers for Fall Shows September 30  0%
Botanical Sketch Pillows September 30  0%
Itajime Pillows September 30  0%
Finish new color palette September 30  95%
Work on new Botanical Sketch motifs September 30  0%
Work on Shaun’s new site – waiting for him  ??  5%
Work on Adele’s new site September 30  10%
Bag for Mary – finally started! September 30  10%
Continue working on Aida’s website September 30  100%
Interview for Stephanie Levy September 24  0%
Work on Kori’s Site September 30  25%
Tweak Dyeing 101 & 102 September 30  0%
Set & run celebratory giveaway September 24  50%
Get some hand dyed fabric for sale on the website! September 30  50%

I’m having great fun reading the comment entries on my celebratory giveaway, I asked people to share their favorite holiday treat and they are really sharing all sort of deelicious treats – I keep getting hungry reading them!

Speaking of delicious treats, I took the boys  out to a new ice cream place last week:

they sure do love their ice cream! 🙂

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