Learn with Me

I love to share my love of color and texture with other people! My “day job” is teaching Biology to non-science majors at the University of Redlands, I am very comfortable engaging my students and putting complex ideas into terms they understand. I’ve found many ways to reach students in a variety of settings:

Online Dyeing Classes

I have a series of online classes that cover a wide range of fabric dyeing techniques.  They are self-paced and access never expires, so they’re really more like books that have a lot of videos to walk you through the tricky parts, and you can ask the author/teacher (me!) questions if you’re confused! I am changing how students access the content, so please email me with questions at this time: candy@candiedfabrics.com

Patio Classes

I also offer in person, single day dyeing classes on my patio! Read more about those here.

At Your Location

I’ve also begun travelling further afield to share my story and techniques with quilt guilds.

Happy Patio Class students!