Quilting Arts Gifts 2012 | Celebratory Giveaway!

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you may already know this, because the digital version has been out for about a month, but I wanted to wait until I had a hard copy in my own two hands before blogging about it!

Yes, indeed, those are my Holiday Row Houses on the cover of Quilting Arts Gifts!

People ask if I knew about it, and the answer to that is no!

An email from Interweave’s Quilting Daily about a month ago had the cover and information about the magazine, when I clicked on the email… Shazzaam! was I excited to see that picture!

As always, this is an awesome magazine, chock full of awesome things to make.

They also have cookie recipes from the contributors! Logan and I shared our recipe for Molasses Crinkles, which is officially Santa’s favorite cookie. I can’t wait to try Lisa Chin’s nut cups, the recipe looks delicious!

I love Christmas, and always have lots of ideas of things to make for the holidays. Although lots of those ideas remain in my head, the submission deadline for this magazine always inspires me to make at least some of the things rattling around inside my brain! I’ve got three different projects in this issue:

First off, my Holiday Row Houses:

I love love LOVE how they photographed it – it’s kind of hard to see in this picture, but they’ve got some 2 dimensional trees made from white paper (or cardstock), I am TOTALLY using this idea come Christmas time!

I’ve got some really quick to make napkin rings, with a really cool way to make 3-d holly leaves:

And finally, a mantle scarf that was inspired by people who decorate by hanging beautiful glass balls in front of a window or fireplace…those would last about 3 hours in my house, but this fabric version is kid and dog proof:

The folks at Interweave sent me an extra copy of the magazine, I’d love to share it with one of my blog readers…and to celebrate my cover gal status, I’m going to give away a set of  hand dyed, jewel tone fat quarters – enough for you to make a set of row houses for yourself!


I’ll choose a winner this Sunday, the 23rd, and announce it next Monday. There are two ways to enter:


  1. Leave a comment on this post – let me know your favorite holiday baked treat! Make sure to enter your email in the commenting form (it doesn’t appear to blog readers, only me!) so I can contact you if you win.
  2. Subscribe to my newsletter (the subscription form is in the upper right corner of my sidebar) and leave a 2nd comment (if you are already a subscriber, hooray, leave me a comment to let me know!)
The Giveaway is closed, congratulations Susan!
I am over the moon with this honor, and am so happy to share this with you!


368 Responses

  1. I so want to win this!!! My personal favorite cookie we call russian teacakes, others call them mexican wedding cakes. My family loves sugar cookies. I hope I win!!! Congratulations on your magazine cover- so excited for you 🙂

  2. A family recipe called check cake. It is a buttery cake with strawberry jam in the middle. My grandmother made it every year for Christmas!

  3. so many bright colors..

    and one of my cousins got me horribly addicted to lebrucken, it’s a soft gingerbread cookie that’s decorated fir to belong on the tree

  4. Favorite holiday baked item are those little nut rolls, love them. my god mother used to make them and the anise rolled cookies, loved them, miss her

    already subscribed to mailing list!! Love your sites!!

  5. My favorite holiday treat is without a doubt, pecan pralines. However, they are not baked! So my favorite baked treat will be the miniature Lemon Chess Tassies I make every year. (Think of mini-muffin sized Lemon Chess pies. Yum!

    BTW, your accordion fold row houses are adorable and the colors are luscious! Congratulations on being published!


  6. My favorite Christmas treat is Gingerbread Cookies with piped icing details. I think QA Gifts magazine is a wonderful source of inspiration and your houses are great!

  7. I’m real brilliant forgot my favorite baked treat. It is an applesauce cake that my grandmother used to make.

  8. Where have you been all my life? ;o) Actually, I learned about this from Facebook. Odd that I had been thinking about buying your Quilting Arts DVD. I am starting to dye and loving it. I think I will learn a lot from your posts.

  9. Cheesecake, any kind. And anything, absolutely anything, that contains chocolate.

    Along with thoughts of cheesecake, those fabrics are making me salivate.

  10. My favorite “baked” treat is probably grandma’s homemade rice krispy treats.
    But my favorite desert was her Chocolate Eclair Cake (no baking required). Ah, the memories. 🙂

  11. I love to make a shortbread type cookie called Jan Hagels. They’re covered with sliced almonds and a sprinkle of sugar and cinammon. The dough is spread out over the entire cookie sheet, and after they are baked they are cut into diamond shapes.

  12. love your little row houses! Fav baked treat, our family tradition of a Christmas morning oven omelet which we prepare together as a family on Christmas eve. We throw it in the oven as we open gifts on Christmas morning.

  13. Oh so many favorite goodies at holiday time! But, I will go with soft sugar cookies either with frosting or sprinkles. Love them!

  14. I know it’s not something miraculous, but my favorite holiday baked treat is good ole’ fashioned cut-out cookies! They are such fun to make and decorate, and even though the kiddies are all grown up, they love them as much now as when they were little – so does my hubby…no matter how many treats I make for the holidays, they always get eaten first!
    I ADORE your fabrics and your holiday houses – I’m going to make mine 3D and line the shelf of the entertainment center with them!

  15. I like savory treats and always enjoy my Grandmother’s “Munchies” Mix. Kinda Like Chex Mix. Love it!

  16. congratulations on your cover! The houses are adorable! One of my favorite holiday treats is soft gingerbread cookies with just a little frosting. mmmmmmm.

  17. Congratulations! That is so awesome.

    The houses are so cute. The fabric is to die for. I can think of several friends that they would make wonderful gifts for. I subscribed. 🙂

    My favorite Christmas treat? There are so many that bring back many happy memories. Plum Pudding with hard sauce would be my all time favorite. My Grandmother made it every year at the beginning of October, wrapped it carefully in cheese cloth drenched with brandy and set it in the cold room. A couple of times a week she would pour a little more brandy on it. The spices and the fruit and the brandy… Oh my!

  18. Sweet Roasted Pecans, a recipe my husband came up with after tasting the kettle candied almonds at a local craft show, but as a pecan grower we had to use pecans. Actually just about anything with pecans and it’s not just because we’re growers.

  19. The mantel scarf is so cool. Love frosted cut-out cookies. My daughter and I used to make them together every Christmas

  20. My favorite Holiday treat is my Mom’s recipe for Mexican wedding cakes. They are out of this world.

  21. Those row houses are adorable! We love homemade cinnamon rolls around here. That’s how we know it’s a holiday, the family wakes up to the aroma of them baking.

  22. I LOVE Maple Pecan Pie that my friend makes me every year. I’m hoping she’ll give me the recipe this year.

  23. My favorite holiday treat is probably spritz cookies that are made with a cookie press. I would make them with the tree shaped die and color the dough with green food coloring.

    THanks Candy!

  24. My favorite holiday baked treat are the sugar cookies my daughters make from my grandma’s recipe. Decorating is the best part!

  25. Love your houses! I too like how they photographed them.

    My favorite treat would have to be Rocky Road Fudge. Yum!

  26. Love those dyed fabrics
    Would have to go with those peanut butter cookies with Hershey’s kish on top.
    Already subscribed.

  27. Fresh, homemade bread is my favorite. Warm, with a little butter melting on top…mmmm. I know it’s not a sweet, but it’s surely a treat to me!

  28. I am totally IN LOVE with the dyed fabrics not to mention the magazine has sooooo many fantastic ideas…….I LOVE the bright colors…W O W………..

  29. I love sugar cookies for the holidays! And red velvet cake, and pumpkin pie, and pecan pie and … I just love all those baked treats!!

  30. Those colors are more delicious tan my favorite holiday cookie which is called Spitzbuben. It’s a very short almond dough, rolled and cut-out. Then made in to sandwich with different jams and rolled in sugar!

  31. I make Strawberry Cookies every year. They don’t taste like strawberries, but do look like them and are a crowd favorite.

  32. My family make something my mother called “guandi” but I have no idea how it should be spelled. A thin strip of light pastry, deep fried and dusted with confectioners sugar. Now that Mom has passed, my brother is the master guandi maker. Guess I’ll have to quiz him on the recipe..

  33. My grandmother’s tea cakes – because I roll them out with my son and bake them in a variety of designs.

  34. Schweet on SO many levels! Schweet and congratulations on QA cover!!! WOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! GO CANDY!!!!!
    Favorite holiday baked food… wow… so much …. have to be colorful shortbread cookies. I could eat my weight in them. 🙂
    Thanks for the opportunity for the giveaway and crazy congratulations on the cover AND article!
    ~Christina in Cleveland

  35. Always been a happy subscriber… thanks for having a subscription option! 🙂
    ~Christina in Cleveland

  36. I love the row houses, so cute and would be so easy to store. I also like the mantle cover, I have a fireplace, but no mantle yet, but someday.

  37. I pretty much only make shortbread, but I love that my daughter makes many types of cookies during the holidays. I love sugar cookies and it is the only time I get thumbprint cookies. Yum!

  38. Our family favorite since the 1960’s is a nutmeg log cookie – a shortbread kind of dough with alot of rum extract in it plus nutmeg – and frosting with rum extract and more nutmeg – a wonderful cookie that we only make at the holidays!

  39. Berliner Kranser cookies. They can be made into any shape. Witches fingers for Halloween, Weaths for Christmas, Clovers for St. Patrick’s Day….you get the picture. They aren’t to sweet, so, they are great for adults as they are for kids.

  40. Those fabrics are a delicious treat themselves! But my favorite baked holiday treat is Pumpkin/Cheescake/Crumb Pie! I think I am a subscriber …

  41. I love baking Christmas cookies, especially biscotti. I’m already a subscriber. Thanks for such interesting info in the blog.

  42. I love, love, LOVE petit fours!!! Definitley my fave around the holidays. And I’m about to become a subscriber! 🙂

  43. Just subscribed. Your hand dyes are fantastic! Much deeper colors than any I’ve been able to achieve. What’s your secret?

    1. My DVD tells you exactly how to make those jewel tones I used in the row houses…perhaps this should be on your Christmas List?

  44. I bake a killer gingerbread with apples & hazelnuts…yum!
    >Janetta: Melting Moment Cookies!? That’s sounds Fabulous!

  45. I have recipes for snickerdoodles and pumpkin pie that have been in the family for generations. When I make these, it feels like my grandmother is still right there in the room with me! <3

  46. My favorite cake that I make at all Holidays is a baked cheesecake. also it is always requested by my kids for their birthday.

  47. I just subscribed and my favorite’s are the turkey and longtime family recipe – chocolate applesauce cake.

  48. My favorite Christmas cookies are Russian Tea Cakes. I can easily eat a dozen for breakfast with a cup of coffee. They are so deceptively light that they are dangerous for the waistline (and blood sugar levels).

  49. I just subscribed and am looking forward to the newsletter. I may be doing some remodeling to make room for a real studio that includes a nice space for dyeing fabric. I hope it works out.

  50. Mince meat short bread. I make my Mom’s shortbread, press it in a cookie sheet, spread with mincemeat then roll out the rest and top the mincemeat. Delicious, and I am not a mincemeat pie lover. Love the hand dyed colors:)

  51. My favorites for a Christmas eve party are coconut macacroons, Grandma Sugar cookies and Martha Washington candy.

  52. My favorite holiday baked treat is my aunt’s German lebkuchen with lemony icing–sweet and tangy at the same time. Mmmmmm.
    Love your houses, too.

  53. I’m Norwegian, would love to win those pretty fabrics, and my favourite Christmas cookie is Sarah Bernard….almonds, cream, butter and chocolate… mmmm

  54. I don’t turn down too many cookies but my favorite are my mom’s Puffy Christmas Cut-outs. They’re delicious with homemade icing!!

  55. Oh geez! My favorite holiday recipe would have to be Christmas Cookies! No wait, Pumpkin Pie. Nooo, Roasted Turkey with Gravy. But what about the Garlic Mashed Potatoes? Or the Pecan Pie? Okay, it has to be Snickerdoodles! Yeah, that’s it…Snickerdoodles! or maybe it is… Oh, I can’t pick just one!!!

  56. I love making holiday cookies and especially fond of the ginger snaps, butterscotch pie and a wonderful fruit cake that my Mother used to make. Orange cake and spice cakes are another favourite. I would love to win these beautiful fabrics. Pick me!


  57. My favorite is my family’s french cookies which are made with an antique french cookie press two at a time.

  58. Just subscribed. And my favorite holiday recipe is for Pumpkin Bread, which is more like cake and I add raisins, pecans, and maraschino cherries, making it all the yummier!

  59. Favorite holiday treat is sugar cookies which we make and decorate very artiscally. I am waiting for some grandchildren to do it with.

  60. I like making a variety of cookies for Christmas. Love your houses – so sweet!!! Thanks for the chance.

  61. My favorite holiday treat to make is a toss up of a cookie recipe my Mom convinced Charles the Ritz restaurant to give her – Coconut Oatmeal cookies – and – Homemade Lemon Biscotti.

  62. Congrats on being the cover story!!
    My favorite baked treat is Toffee Bars (ala Betty Crocker from a million years ago). Love them!

  63. My husband loves my pumpkin pecan roll up, cream cheese filling, covered in chopped pecans. I make several and we eat one, freezing the rest to have when company drops by during the holidays. I love making any kind of Christmas cookie with my granddaughter. They are filled with love.

  64. My favorite holiday treat is Pumpkin Pie Squares – it is a recipe made with a cake mix, pumpkin pie filling and a yummy topping. We have had it for both Thanksgiving and Christmas and I’ve used the recipe, slightly modified, to make Jack-O-Lantern Pie Squares as well! Yummy! Just like those fabrics!! Wow!! I LOVE those colors!!!

  65. My favorite is a cookie recipe passed down from my grandparents – Everyday Cookies. Personally, my other favs are Date-Nut Loaf. I have been making Zucchini Bread, Apple Bread, Banana Nut Bread and Pumpkin Bread in mini loaves which I give out to siblings, nieces and nephews. They have come to expect it every year!!!
    I would love the directions for the Mantle Scarf. It is absolutely beautiful!!

  66. My favorite holiday treat…Oatmeal Crispies. Mom & I always made them for my brother when he was deployed. Now I make them for my own sailor!

  67. My favorite treat is English Toffee Bars. I make them for all our potlucks and parties and to give away. Folks have started requesting them. They are wonderful.

  68. My absolute favorie for the holidays is pumpkin pie! I love the deep colors of your fabrics…so rich and luscious.

  69. I love any kind of holiday cookie – but my very favorite is a sugar cookie with toffee pieces…divine!!

  70. Our favorite holiday dish is a Jello Salad that the bottom layer is red, next layer has creme cheese and cool whip, then green jello on top. I think the middle section has something else but can’t remember what. Love the holidays!

  71. I love making sugar cookies with the family! And may I just say that those colors in the fabric group are divine!!

  72. I love pumpkin cookies with cream cheese frosting. I am looking forward to reading your newsletter. Thank You for offering this chance to win the hand dyed, jewel tone fat quarters. Have a Great Day…

  73. It wouldn’t be Christmas without rum cake. A neighbor in Ark. gave me the recipe 30+ years ago and it has been a winner ever since. Looked at the magazine today while at JoAnn’s and have decided I need to go back and purchase one after reading your blog. Thanks.

  74. Congrats on a great publication! I love love love the houses – how about a Christmas Whoville ? And your fabrics are gorgeous! Thanks for the chance to win.

  75. I can’t decide what holiday treat would be my favorite. I really like the ritz cracker/peanut butter sandwiches dipped in Chocolate Almond back – yum, but bizcochitos, out state cookie here in New Mexico. They are sooooo good.
    Would love to win the fabrics – the colors are so rich and deep. I hope I win.

  76. I love anything pumpkin– bread, pie, etc. Love your fabrics. I think they’re calling my name. Thanks for the contest.

  77. I LOVE pumpkin bread! I like to make it myself, but I also like the pumpkin loaf bread at Starbuck’s and the pumpkin muffin at Panera Bread. Even the pumpkin spice latte is really good. As much as I like pumpkin bread, I don’t care for pumpkin pie too much… 🙂

  78. OK, you got me with the colors! Your houses are so cute, but your colors are in my heart. I signed up for everything, cause I intend to pick your brain! (Fair warning!) Thanks for the jolt of energy.

  79. My family like oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. For Christmas I make them with red, white, and green M&Ms instead of chocolate chips. Yum!

  80. My all-time favorite holiday treat is Linzer cookies with cute cutouts in the center of the top cookie, and fresh raspberry jam filling. Mmmmm…

  81. Short bread cookies rolled out and cookie cutter Christmas shapes with sprinkles of red and green sugar…..ummmm. I can smell them already!

  82. My all-time favorite is : pecan tassies…..little mini-pecan pies with a cream cheese type crust.

  83. I have 2 favorites which are an absolute MUST with my family. The first is pecan pie–eggs, butter, karo syrup, sugar and pecans–yum! The second is an old family recipe my mother always called the Creel Cake. Creel was the my aunt’s married name. it is a spice jam cake–the recipe is at least 84 years old. We always make it several days before serving–it improves with age. My mother passed away 9 years ago–she was an extraordinary cook; I still miss her terribly. Making the Creel Cake is one way to continue to honor her.

    Love the fabrics–mother also taught me to sew and quilt–I always think of her when sewing/quilting.

  84. You had me with the fabulously rich purple! Beautiful!. My favorite Christmas treat: pumpkin cheesecake!

  85. Struffoli they are the honey balls that are in a pile. my uncle used to call them deer droppings. they are great and I love them. I signed up for your newsletter. love your houses – very colorful.

  86. If those fabrics were a Christmas treat I would eat them all!!!!! they are lucious!!
    Well if its food its home made short bread! Easy yummy and versitile!
    2cups flour
    1cup butter
    1 cup powered sugar
    mix flour and sugar till crumbly. work into a ball. knead 10 min. till satiny.press into
    1/4″ thick rectangle cookie sheet or pan. score diagonally . bake 300 for 30 min. recut while hot then cool. dip tips in anything..chocolate then nuts or/and coconut. white chocolate sprinkle with crushed candy cane. possibilities are endless!!!! its straight from Scotland!!!!

  87. My families favorite treat is homemade caramels. Not a true baking recipe but a recipe handed down from my grandfather who was given it when he left his job in the candy factory.

  88. Congratulations Candy!
    My favorite Holiday treat has always been my Mom’s Fudge. I can follow her recipe, but it never comes out as good as what she makes herself. She is gone now, but I have to keep trying to make the fudge.
    My friend in Vancouver also makes excellent fudge and sends me some every Christmas.
    Anyway…my third favorite is Soft Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies.
    Hope I win your beautiful fabric.

  89. One of our favorite holiday baked treats is Potica, a Slovenian holiday pastry, which is often filled walnuts and raisins. I remember helping my Grandmother make it when I was young, and now I get to share that experience and tradition with my daughters. My family loves the raisin filling and we have great fun soaking raisins in rum for months in anticipation of baking day. It’s amazing how much rum raisins can absorb! The aroma of rum and butter and cream baking is a treat for the senses. Sadly, the pastry disappears all too quickly.

  90. Like Jan F my favorite Christmas treat is Julekake which we all make just like Gram did every year.

  91. My favorite holiday dessert is all the wonderful cookies my mother-in-law use to make. She is no longer with us but my kids and I continue the tradition with making her recipes, like kolacky, nut rolls and cream wafers.

  92. My current favorite holiday treat is lemon bars topped with powdered sugar–an oldie but a goodie.

  93. I love the basic pumpkin pie. We always make ours with the pumpkin we get from our Jack-O-Lanterns and top it with real homemade whipped cream. The fabrics are beautiful and would make really lovely holiday decorations and gifts. Thank you for the opportunity to win them!!

  94. My wonderful husband makes the world’s best gingerbread cookies! The grand kids love them, but not as much as Grandma does! Thanks for the give away! Beautiful fabrics.

  95. My favorite dessert is sugar cookies and icecream. Of course, the cookies have christmas designs on them.

  96. come the holidays it is always pumpkin pie. All the way from Halloween through Thanksgiving to Christmas

  97. I really like a special “Tea Cookie” my Aunt used to make. A thin crumbly cookie base with chocolate and crushed walnuts on top. Yum!

  98. One of my favorite baked things that I only have during the holiday feasts is, what we call in my family, “Yams & Apples OH BOY!!”

    Thanks for a chance for the magazine & those luscious fabrics!

  99. Those fabrics are fabulous…I love the bright colors! I hope to win, but am happy just to see them too. they make me smile!

  100. Already subscribe….love the fabrics and besides sugar cookies, grandma always made lep cookies, that was Christmas

    1. 7 layer bars…. Aunt Nancy’s were the best… sadly none of us make them quite as well as she did.