Custom Tablet Cover Class Results

I taught the second half of my custom tablet/E-reader cover class at the Redlands Sewing Center Wednesday night. Oh we had so much fun!

I showed them again how to stitch several of my botanical sketch motifs – the big classroom had a projector so I could play a slide show of some of the simpler motifs, so people could tell me what they wanted to see stitched:

Some folks were experienced sewists, and others were true beginners. Two of the awesome folks who work at the shop were there, Kathy was there to help when somebody’s sewing machine had an issue, and Mary was actually taking the class, but she’s such a pro, she had plenty of time to make a fabulous bag, with lots of personal touches while stopping to help when a machine went on the fritz. (Everybody brought their own machine, Holy Moley, every one was completely different – I lost my mind a few times just trying to find the presser foot lifter! They are geniuses, keeping it all in their heads!)

A few folks were camera shy, but everybody was proud to show off their awesome results!

I had a ton of fun teaching this. One lady warmed the cockles of my heart when she told me that although she’d had several free motion quilting classes before, it was my personality/way of teaching that encouraged her to jump outside of her comfort zone box and actually free motion that botanical motif. Yep, I was pretty darn happy to hear that!

Everyone there was anxious to know what class I was offering next! So I guess that means I should keep doing this! 🙂

4 Responses

  1. It looks like such fun! You have no idea how much I would love to take a class like yours, but living in the great white north an hour’s drive from the nearest store makes it highly unlikely. Thank goodness for blogs.

  2. Thank you Candy! I had loads of fun as well as a good learning experience. Given my first time ever for quilting & free-motion fabric art, I am flaunting the iPad sleeve and oh my, I get so many compliments!

    Thanks again.