I Made This For You

I did not intend to take such a long break from blogging, but this past week has really knocked me for a loop.

So I am VERY happy that I happened to be in the car this morning and was able to hear Chris Thile’s new song he wrote in response to this past week and performed on A Prairie Home Companion this weekend. As always, art is needed to bring clarity and focus to troubled times. Thank you Chris.

Whether you’re laughing or crying,
if you’re doing your best to be kind,
this land is as much yours as mine,
as God is my witness,
I made this for you.


2 Responses

  1. Tonight (Feb 1 2017) I went to a taping of “Music Inside Out” on NPR with Chris Thile as guest. In the audience Q&A, I asked he could comment on ‘I Made This For You’.

    Not only did he comment, but he performed it–rIght at me! In my question I told him that song was a “rural Interstate moment” for me, driving back home, alone, digesting that week’s events. Very special then, and moving to hear it again. I hope they include it in the broadcast edit.

    The show will eventually appear at the link below, if you don’t get or miss the NPR broadcast. Regardless of whether the song makes it in, it is a great interview with Gwen Thompkins:


    (I found your post via Google, looking for others who were similarly moved by this song).