4 Indigo Dyed Leather Handled Linen Totes

I got 4 indigo dyed leather handled linen totes finished over the weekend, and I added the final one from my first batch to the group for some pictures:

I probably won’t get these added to my online shop until after the show I’m doing in a couple of weeks…but if one of these is calling your name, just email me and I’ll sell it to you instead of taking it to the show!

Here’s what the inside looks like:

Isn’t it clever of me to get my hubby to paint the trim and the doors of my house so I have a pretty place to take pictures of my bags? 😉

One Response

  1. These are so cute. I have loved watching your creative process work through them. I do have a suggestion for another style. Run the leather strips around the bottom and up the sides. I have always had problems with totes that only connect at the top, including brief cases and totes. I always look for the strap to go all the way around. Maybe I just carry a heavy load, but I hate when the handles rip off. And if you can put little taps on the bottom for feet, it gives it a very strong frame.

    Love it.