September Goals Check-in

Every year I forget how hard going back to school is!!! At least when setting up FMQ classes at the Redlands Sewing Center last May I remembered NOT to start a class in September, because I’ve done that the past couple years and UGH! Not only is it hard to get back in the “working at the day job” groove, there are SO many extra things that get tacked on to the beginning of the school year (like a faculty “retreat” which is just a long meeting with snacks on a Saturday after teaching all week), it really wipes me out!

I did agree to giving a talk to the night time splinter group of the big local quilt guild (Citrus Belt Quilters) last night…I had a great time but really not the best timing as it takes several hours to get everything ready to go and packed. They meet in the function room of a really nice senior center in Grand Terrace, which is only 10 miles away, so the drive was easy too. Note to self: nothing extra in early September!!!!

September Goals

Talk to CBQ moonlighters September 15 100%
New curtain for dining room October 1 0%
Re-do Laundry room October 1 90%
Calendar email to students October 1 0%
Proposals October 1 100%
Stool cover for Mary October 1 0%
Baskets for Julie postponed 0%
Move website to new hosting and re-design October 1 10%
4 more Indigo Leather Handled Linen Totes October 15 70%
3 more Autumn Splendor Leather Handled Linen Totes October 15 0%
 6 DVD baskets October 15 0%
 10 Zippy Wallets October 15 0%
 Top Off Scarf Stocks October 15 0%
Pillows for Morris Chair – on hold Backburner-ish 0%
New curtains for our bedroom! Backburner-ish 0%
Tree Quilt in Kitchen Blues palettes back burner 0%
Mod House Quilt back burner 5%

ooh! I did get 3 article submissions sent out this month – I’d already forgotten about them until I saw my list!!! LOL! I’m a good part of the way through some Indigo Leather Handled Linen totes, fingers crossed I get those done this weekend and something else started as well!