Blogger’s Quilt Festival | My Scrappy Swiss Cross Quilt!

bqf16Hooray, it’s Blogger’s Quilt Festival time!

Every Fall, Amy from Amy’s Creative Side puts together a quilt festival where blogger’s can share their quilts with the blog reading community. It’s a great way to see lots of fabulous quilts and meet some new bloggers you didn’t know about…and there are prizes as well! Check this main post to learn more about it.

I’m sharing my Scrappy Swiss Cross Quilt that I made with a whole RAINBOW of my hand dyed fabrics, against a background of many many tones of hand dyed greys:


This Queen Size quilt was MONTHS in the making, as I had lots of other things to do that had firmer deadlines than just “I’ve only made 2 quilts for our bed in the over 25 years we’ve been married!” 😉



The back of the quilt is inspired by Swiss Cross blankets:



I tried a few different options before I settled up this quilting pattern, a spiral in/spiral back out again square pattern that took a TON of time on my Juki!





Once it was done, I immediately whipped up a pair of new pillowcases:




Would you be surprised if I told you the first night I slept under this I kept waking up? Between the new pillow cases and the completely different feel my bed has, I woke up 3 or 4 times! Note to self: make a new quilt for your bed more often than every 10 years!!!!!

For all the new readers here, if you’re interested in reading more about the process of making this quilt, here are all the posts: Scrappy Swiss Cross Quilt. If you like what you see around here, I’d love for you to add me to your blog reader or sign up for my monthly newsletter (forms for both are located at the top of my sidebar). If you can’t tell, I LOVE color, and am always sharing that love here on the blog. I’ve submitted this quilt to the ROYGBIV category of Bloggers Quilt Festival, make sure to check ALL the quilts out!

Thanks so much for visiting!

8 Responses

  1. Oh I love this quilt! The hand dyed fabrics look so good, the quilting creates a beautiful texture and the matching pillow is just adorable! Hope you’ve gotten used to the new quilt, I probably would have woken up as well but just to feel and adore it!

  2. What a splendid quilt Candy! After all the wonderful things you do for other people, it’s about time you did something for you! And you’ve hit the Jackpot!