Festival of Pie 2014

What a fabulous Thanksgiving we had!

I spent most of Wednesday baking pies! I had some help from Liam, who made the filling for the sugar cream and the apple:

Liam's making the Apple. #FestivalOfPie

and Logan, who made the filling for Derby pie:

Logan's making the Derby pie! #FestivalOfPie

By the end of the day, I had made 9 pies:


The looked fabulous cooling in the “wet” bar, we designed that extra wide ledge for exactly this purpose!


After all that baking, Stirling and I had to take a late afternoon sit down:

Stirling and I are taking a little break, baking pie is hard work!

The next morning, we pulled in 2 plastic conference tables and scrounged up evey chair we have so we had seats for 17:


Then Andrew and I made acorn squash ravioli:

The acorn squash ravioli is ready for the pot! Yes I meant it to be rustic! #thanksgiving

We told our guests they could show up at noon, thank goodness it was closer to 1 before the first ones arrived, it took until almost then to get everything cleaned up and put together!

Andrew cooked a beautiful turkey (26 pounds!)

The bird is out!

We had a FABULOUS time eating and talking, just as this day should be!

At the end of the meal, we all took a walk around the neighborhood, in hopes of working off some of dinner. Then, it was time for pie! Another 20 folks ended up coming by, some of them brought more pies, so there was PLENTY to go around. The highlight of the evening was the bruleeing ofthe Meyer Lemon Brulee Tart:

Brulee! #FestivalOfPie


A happy time was had by all!

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