Random Thursday!

I had a couple of things to share with you!

First, this awesome picture of Logan holding my birthday cake last week:

happy birthday to me

It’s so hard to take pix of lit candles + dark, and this was just a quick snap with my phone as they were singing happy birthday to me, I had to share! Logan helped with the cake (which is a Boston Cream Pie!) he was quite proud.

Also, my brother dug up this old picture of me, my brother is on the left (with hair!) and hubby is on the right. I have no idea when this was taken, but I’m thinking not too long after we were married so….20 years ago???

OMG! My brother, me, and my hubby from like 20 years ago!  repost via  @allanbritton1 Happy Belated Birthday!  @candiedfabrics #instarepost20

Also, the pictures of snow all over Facebook make me appreciate the roses and gardenias in my garden:

The roses are happier now it's not 90 every day!

November in Redlands part 2, this gardenia smells incredible! #fbp

Finally, the last day to enter my Birthday Giveaway is tomorrow, go comment here!





2 Responses

  1. Belated Happy Birthday Candy! I’ve never had a Boston Cream anything and have to admit it looks really good. Your roses are gorgeous.