Show Report | Red Dirt Art Festival Fall 2014

Another Red Dirt is “in the can”! For an outdoor show this late in the year, we had amazingly good weather! It was overcast most of the day, but I never needed a jacket, and I was just wearing a 3/4 length linen shirt and heavy linen pants. Hah, while the rest of the country is getting hammered with snow, we’re happy that it’s finally just now not climbing all the way to 90 every day!

Anyway, I love setting up for this show, we’re in a very pretty park and there’s enough space on each side and behind me that I can leave the sidewalls off (although this year I installed them and then rolled them up to the top, last year the end of this show got terribly windy and I would have loved to have been able to roll the sides down and stop some of the wind whistling through the tent and threatening to blow all my scarves away).





I was able to display some quilts on on the outside:


People wander through and behind the tents so this is a great attention getter!


I had plenty of room to push the tent back and have a couple of feet in front of the tent for my handy dandy show stand and stool:


As you can see, I had room for all the new sateen clutches I made:


I sold a few of those, along with some scarves. Traffic throughout the day was a bit slower than I would like, and it got dark at 4:30 – although the show was set to run until 5, with the sun setting at 4:45 that was impossible, we were packing up by 4:30 and home by 5:30!

What made the day was a special order for a set of 3 Christmas stockings and a set of holiday row houses! And it came from a family walking through the park before the show wasn’t even started yet!



One Response

  1. You should win the prize for the most beautiful booth display. It is a real draw with all the fantastic colors, variety and designs. Hope it was a profitable day. Thank you for sharing.
    Takes a lot of time and effort to put a showing like that together. Beautiful art work!