A Beautiful Trip to the Grand Tetons!

I wanted to share some pictures from our trip to the Grand Tetons; we spent 4 days there around the time of the NYO-USA concert at the Grand Teton’s Music Festival. We drove from Redlands to Salt Lake City the first night, then we had time for Andrew & Logan to do some fishing on our way into town:




They caught their first couple of fish on the Hoback River, and then we stopped in Jackson for lunch:


Here’s the little cabin we rented, it’s part of a ranch in Wilson, there are a total of around 7 cabins and the main house where the owner and her family live:




The porch was a great place to play cards…


and we occasionally had a visitor! That squirrel was cheeky!


Here’s the morning view out in the front parking lot of the ranch:



The owner of the ranch told us about a little bagel shop in Wilson that we went to the first morning, the bagels are made fresh in house and were fabulous…we returned every day, they were delicious! Behind the shop was the Snake River, we ate on their picnic table a couple of mornings.


Our first full day we drove through part of the park and then out along the Gros Vent River:





There was some amazing red cliffs in this area! While we were roaming around the Gros Vent, Liam and the rest of the NYO arrived in Jackson. It occured to us we could take him (and his roommate Zack) out to dinner, since they didn’t have any rehearsals. We had a great visit! Liam’s roommate, a violin player from Mississippi, was a great match for him.



We took them to a great hand made ice cream store we’d found the day before for dessert that was right across from the iconic Jackson, WY arches, and we actually ran into Liam’s RA August in the park! We’d just purchased a couple of little chocolate mice for Liam to give to him, that was a fun coincidence!


The next day we hiked around Jenny lake:


I saw a whole bunch of chipmunks:


and the FATTEST Beaver (nope, it’s a MARMOT! Now I know what one looks like!) EVER on top of a huge rock:


Andrew stopped to fish a few times when the trail was close to the shore:


The third place we stopped was the charm, he caught (and released) a whopper Cut Throat Trout:




Logan didn’t do much fishing on this hike, but he did some exploring while Andrew was fishing:




The mountains are truly spectacular!



And on our way out of the park, a “moose jam” alerted us to a Mama and baby moose feeding not 10 feet off the road! I snapped a few pictures safely from the car and we continued on our way.



We stopped on the way back for Andrew to fish a bit on the Snake:



and ended the evening at the NYO-USA concert! (I’m planning a post about all the concerts, so I’ll save the details for that!)

The last day we went back up the Hoback River and Andrew and Logan fished in a couple spots:



The river was a bit fast and they didn’t have a lot of luck, but s’mores at the end of the night were good!


We drove home a bit of a different way, and had plenty of hours of lovely scenery to drive through:


but a long drive it was! It seems like a long time ago now…I’m glad I took lots of pictures, it really is a beautiful place!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing the pics. The area around Jackson is one of my faves – been there a few times and your pics brought back lots of great memories. I especially loved the moose – aren’t they adorable. I can’t believe they were so close to the road! Glad you made it home safety….can’t wait for the concert post. L

    1. I know, we were quite lucky with the moose! The coolest thing is that Liam with the NYO kids was travelling through the park on a bus and hiking around another lake at the same time we were hiking around Jenny…and I got cell phone service most of the time (which was bizarre…) he texted me “MOOOSE!” twice so I was jealous that he was seeing them and we weren’t and then…BAM! Our own Moose! 🙂 It is a beautiful part of the country, I’m planning for us to visit again! 🙂

  2. Hi Candy,

    I think the critter you identified as a beaver is actually a marmont. It doesn’t have a flatten tail that the beaver has.

    Lovely holiday photos, thanks for sharing.

  3. Hah! One of my facebook friends told me this as well, but then when I told her I thought it was a beaver, she then said it was a beaver…I’ll bet you both are right though, because that tail doesn’t look quite right for a beaver! We thought he was pretty high up and away from water for a beaver, but there was a pond with a beaver lodge 100 feet or so down the hill which made us immediately think beaver! 🙂

    Now I know what a marmot looks like!!!! Very exciting!