A New Clutch for Me!

While dyeing with my Niece and Nephew I also dyed some clothes for myself. I dyed a linen skirt a pretty mix of purple and 2 golds, and I tucked a piece of PFD Cotton Sateen (480M from Testfabrics) in with the skirt. The sateen is supposed to have a sheen on one side; it’s a bit apparent when I hold it in the light a certain way, but it sure is hard to tell! Here on the right is a piece of regular PFD and on the center and left are both sides of the sateen…I see no difference in the photograph, do you?


Although there’s not much sheen, it sure is a pretty piece of fabric, though, isn’t it?

When we returned from the Tetons, I decided that I needed a zippered clutch to hold my cell phone and some other small sundries:

I stitched some huckleberries on the front, they look an awful lot like blueberries, but hey, we were just in Wyoming and huckleberries are the local fruit there!


I stitched an Aspen leaf on the other, because those were really common up in Wyoming too:



There are 2 pockets inside, one for my cell phone, the other for bills and credit cards:


What’s really interesting is that although the sheen is really hard to SEE, I can feel it! It feels silky and soft, it’s a real pleasure to hold!


I think that I’ll order some of this fabric and keep playing around with it!