A Custom Dyed Scarf for a Woman who likes Bright Colors!

I did get a bit of dyeing in last weekend. My customer chose colors from 3 of the palettes I dye:

The light green and medium blue of Ocean Surf:

Crocus Purple:

And Gerber Daisy magenta:

I was able to snap a few pictures before packing it up and shipping it out. (I wish I could have waited an hour for the sun to move to a better place, but I really wanted to get it shipped, so here’s where the shady part of my backyard was when I had to shoot the pictures)






Quite a nice combination, if I do say so myself! I hope she likes it!

One Response

  1. Candy, that is just beautiful! As I was scrolling through, I was watching the colours and not wanting to see the yellows in with that group, so it was a surprise to see the colours as they came out – they are bright but soft – absolutely gorgeously magical. You will have one VERY happy customer there!!