February Goals Check in

I’m a few days late, but lets see how I’m doing:

February Goals

LAUNCH DYEING 103!!!!! February 8 100%
Custom Dyed Scarf for Kim February 18 100%
Inventory for tax prep February 28 80%
QA Gifts Submissions February 28 0%
Could it be? A bag for Mary for real??? February 28 0%
Pillows for Jess & Jim February 28 0%
Teach FMMS Class  Cancelled 0%
Start work on Workshop Launch Festivities February 28 0%
calendar email to students February 28 0%
New Quilts for boys February 28 65%
Next 103 Session February 28 0%
Tree quilt for couch March 31 0%

The biggest thing on my list is done! Hooray! It feels great to get Dyeing 103 Launched! It always takes longer than I think it does to get all the little things wrapped up, but it’s launched and I’m registering lots of excited dyers! 🙂 Now, I’ve got to add a new session every other week until it’s done, so there’s lots more to do. But it sure is fun! I’m dyeing all sorts of beautiful fabric for this class, it’s awesome!


Although I’ll spend a lot of time working on the class for the next 2 months, I’ve got to balance all that with a little making to keep my sanity! To start, I just ordered the pillow forms and zippers for those pillows and bag I’ve got to make!

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