Studio Snapshot | Lots of Dyeing in the Backyard

Saturday was a HUGE dyeing day!  I’m working hard on adding content to my newly launched online class Dyeing 103: Multi color cotton. I had my dyeing plan printed and all the fabric ripped and soaking Friday night, and I was out on the patio at 8 in the morning. It took me until 4:30 to dye all this:


I was POOPED at the end, and my feet were killing me! I started the washing out Sunday afternoon:

The worst part of dyeing: when you’ve glimpsed the awesomeness of the newly dyed cloth during the first rinse but you’ve got to wait until washing out and drying is complete!

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    1. LOL So true! I’ve been known to ask the host/ess at a party if they were going keep a particular deli platter or some other sort of large food container! 🙂