One Moment | Headed to Nashville

Liam and I are headed to Nashville tomorrow! He is Principal Trombone in the All National Honors Orchestra!!! (It’s like All-State x 50). The conference takes place at the Opryland Hotel; the kids will rehearse fom Sunday through Tuesday and then play a concert Wednesday morning. Since we’re going to be in Nashville anyway, we’re going to spend Saturday checking out Vanderbilt University: a tour in the morning, and then Liam will have a lesson with the trombone prof Jeremy Wilson there Saturday afternoon. It turns out that Jeremy is playing with the Nashville Symphony Saturday night, so we’ll go to that. He also is playing a recital Sunday night, and I’ve got permission to “check out” Liam from the night activity there so he can hear the recital. This is our first true college visit and we’re both very excited about it!

I’m a proud mama, and looking forward to a great couple of days – they’ll be playing the last movement of the Mahler 1st symphony, which is a great piece, so wahoo!

OK, I’ll have some free time in Nashville while he’s rehearsing – what should I do???? (Note: I’m not a country music fan, so I’m looking for other types of activities. And food! Good Food!!!)

Liam’s friend Teddy (who is in the youth orchestra with Liam that went to Europe last Summer) is in the All National Honor Band, so we took some pix of the kids to send with the press release to our local paper. Here’s the picture I sent:


but they cropped it down to both their heads. It’s a nice little writeup though, hopefully Liam’s a bit excited about it.

For that one “normal” picture, I had a LOT of out takes, here are a few of the funny ones:






It was a fun little photo session! I hope we’ll all have fun in Nashville!!!

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  1. We live 100 miles south oh Nashville. I love to drive up to FranklTN to go to Stitchers Garden. lOTS of fabric, not a cutesy store. The flea market at the state fairgrounds and. The farmers market are always fun.