Art, for Heaven’s Sake 2013 Show Report

I am happy to report that the show was a great success! I can’t believe it, but I’ve been doing this show for 7 years now…I get lots of welcoming comments from the folks that run the show, I’ve had the same spot for like 5 years now, it’s like “old home” week! I even posed for a picture – it was necessary for publicity for our upcoming studio tour:


Here’s the booth on Saturday:












Over the entire weekend, I sold 42 scarves (sigh, my bread and butter! 🙂 ) and some other everyday art, but also actual art, which always makes me happy! The woman in this picture on the left is a forester who has enjoyed my scarves/skirts in previous shows was really taken by my Botanical sketches, and her friend pictured on the right bought this set of 3 for her birthday!


This was taken by another happy customer who is in LOVE with a Gerber Daisy scarf she bought:

A Happy customer snapped this pic of me today!

And the mom of Brian, a member of the Biology department for whom I dyed scarves for his wedding a few years ago, fell in love with my row houses and had to take them home with her! Yippee!


(That’s Brian’s wife Laura and their little cupcake in the picture…isn’t she a cutie???)

We had beautiful weather…perhaps a bit TOO beautiful, because it was sunny and about 85F both days. It actually was so bright and hot in the booth on Saturday morning that some folks left a bit too soon, so hubby added this umbrella on Sunday and a fan inside, which made things a LOT better.





Ok, that’s the report…I’m off!

6 Responses

  1. Congrats on your successful weekend!! The booth looks spectacular – and so do your pics too!

    I wish I could have gone to the show, but the weather changes we’ve been having have wreaked havoc on my knees – ugh.

  2. Ooooh, Candy! How beautiful everything looked! While I was not able attend the event this weekend, I look forward to seeing you during the studio tour.

  3. Oh! WOW! Candy, that is one very professional and impressive tent/booth. Congratulations – of course you sold heaps – my DH would be very afraid if I had been there!!

  4. Wow, Candy! — Your tent & display really look awesome !!! We are impressed. —So glad the show went so well for you & how interesting that your scarfs appear to be your best sellers in that they would appear to be less ” labor intensive” vs. products with so much more ‘sewing’…