Blogger’s Quilt Festival | Modulating Squares


Hooray, it’s Blogger’s Quilt Festival Time! It’s a quilt festival for those of us that don’t get to go to Quilt Market and/or Quilt Festival.

We all put a link to a post about our quilt on Amy’s blog  and visit the posts throughout the week.

My favorite aspect of this festival is the story that goes along with the quilt, I always try to feature a quilt that is important to me in some way.

This year, I want to feature a quilt I made this summer: Modulating Squares #1

It’s a 2 sided quilt that I have been thinking about designing for quite a long time:





This quilt was designed to sit right here, on the chaise, using all the colors of my Autumn Splendor palette. I’ve been slowly changing the colors of this room, dyeing the curtains, the chaise slipcover, cotton duck for a new slipcover for hubby’s chair and pillows for the whole room. As the chaise is my night time perch, this quilt is my snuggle quilt!



While making this quilt, I had a great time sharing the progress on Instagram – a question from an Instagram friend led me to actually share an impromptu tutorial on the quilt-as-you-go method I use. I then turned that into a post that has become quite popular! I love quilting this way, it makes it really easy to manuver the quilt under the arm of the sewing machine, so I could quilt the way I wanted to:




I hadn’t even finished taking pictures yet before Stirling claimed his rightful spot:


I then washed and dried it, so there was lots of CRINKLY GOODNESS!!







I really enjoyed making this quilt, and can’t wait for some free time so I can make a pair for the boys’ bedroom!

14 Responses

  1. This makes me want to try your quilt as you go method…quilting is out of my league, plus the thought of wrestling with a whole quilt is overwhelming…however, after seeing this I would love to at least try it…did you ever make the video?

    1. I forgot to add that the thing I like most about your quilt as you go is that you aren’t adding sashing between blocks.
      I don’t think I’ve seen a QAYG without added strips.

  2. That is absolutely beautiful. I love the subtlety of the colours and I love that it’s QAYG, which I intend to start using for all my quilts from now on. Great tutorial!

  3. Ummm….. WOW! Quilted on your machine AND a quilt as you go?!? I just pinned your tutorial post and voted for you in the machine quilted category. This quilt is a beauty! I’m terrified of machine quilting but this post makes me feel like giving it another go. Thanks for that …..

  4. Your quilts are just beautiful! I finally have found a technique that I can understand. I really feel confident I can make a quilt and finish it now thanks to you.