Post #1000 | It’s Time to Celebrate!!!!

Edit: This giveaway is closed, congrats Thelma!

A couple weeks ago, I happened to glance at the post count in my WordPress dashboard and was surprised to find that number was close to 1000!

icon1000 posts – this calls for a celebration!

I started blogging back in July of 2008, and a little over 5 years later I’ve written 1000 posts.

Although that is a bit amazing, what I find more amazing is how my art has grown through those years. If I could go back in time and time my younger self that I’d have published 25 articles with the awesome Quilting Arts folks, as well as filmed 8 segments of Quilting Arts TV and 2 full length video workshops and 3 successful online dyeing classes, well my goodness, I don’t know WHAT I would have said to myself, except to ask what mushrooms I’d been eating, LOL!

Anyway, I always like to have a giveaway to share an extra copy of a magazine I receive as being an author, and it gives me great joy to share this one:

I’m honored to have my art on the cover of Quilting Arts Gifts 2 years in a row!!!

Beyond the Jester Stockings, I’ve got 3 other patterns in here:

First, a table runner with improvisationally pieced trees:

A slip case for your cell phone:

And a fun trick or treat bucket, because they’ve expanded this issue to have some Halloween items as well!

Combine this happiness with 1000 posts and I wanted to up the ante! So, I’m adding a couple of awesome things to the giveaway:

  • A copy of my DVD “Dyeing to Stitch”, which will teach you how to dye the fabric of my Jewel Tones pallette. I also share how to dye multicolor fabric in the same palette as well as my process on making my art.
  • I’ll also send the lucky winner enough hand dyed fabric and felted wool balls to make one of the Jester Christmas stockings (2 half yards of the main and lining colors and a fat quarter for the heel/toe) – you can choose the colors from my jewel tone palette.


How do you enter? Simple:

  1. Leave a comment on this post telling me which color combination you like the most of these stockings.
  2. Subscribe to my newsletter, there’s an entry form at the top of my sidebar and leave another comment…and if you already subscribe, just tell me in another comment.

Don’t worry if your comments don’t show up immediately, I have to approve them!


iconWhen does the giveaway end?

  • I’ll use good old to choose a winner Sunday night,October 6 at 9 pm Pacific and announce the winner here the following day


Thanks for helping me celebrate such a momentous occasion!



132 Responses

  1. I like all of them, but if I had to choose a favorite, I guess it would be the yellow-green, purple and teal stocking. Congratulations on 1000 posts!

  2. I love the purple with yellow and red. These stockings are a great alternative to the unusal.

  3. I like the glowing red stocking with the blue top and yellow toe. The one on the right in the picture. Thank you!

  4. Really I like all four combination, but if I will choose only one it will be the second from the left….thank you….marta

  5. WOO HOO CANDY!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am sorry I didn’t get to meet you while you were in Cleveland. Bummer. Next time.
    Then there’s the great Christmas stockin’s… adore the celadon body with purple top. Lip smacking good.
    Now, don’t you just wonder what your 2000th post is going to be remembering? HOW GREAT CAN IT GET?????? Oh yeah!!!!!
    Peace, love and joy, Christina in Cleveland

  6. Congratulations on making the cover, what a thrill!!! I love all those colourful stockings but my favorite is the blue with red and purple accents!! Thanks for the chance!

  7. Congratulations Candy, I love all your stuff, but if I have to choose, the yellow,blue & purple is my favorite. DixieDoodles2

  8. Congratulations !! 1000 posts…whew! I adore the turquoise stocking with red accents…thanks for the giveaway!

  9. I am back…I already subscribe to your newsletter so, again, thank you for the opportunity to enter the giveaway!!!

  10. I like the second one with teal, purple and orange. So cute. Congrats on you 1000 posts and all of your great creative stuff you’ve given us!! Thanks for the opportunity.

  11. This is your best friend. Ha ha…. love your classes freemoiton so much fun.
    Love the lime green stocking

  12. You must have been thinking of me when you designed the cell phone pouch. 🙂 I’m going to make that soon. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for and haven’t had time to draw out.
    Love the red stocking on the far right.

  13. I’d love the yellow stocking the most, I think. But the other ones are adourable as well. 1000 posts: a real reason for a celebration!

  14. Congrats on our blogiversary! 🙂 Well done!
    I’m already signed up for your newsletter.
    I prefer the blue and red stocking.

  15. You have to know I like all of them — I like bright colors. Since you want me to pick one, I choose the red one with blue and yellow accents.

  16. Exciting and congratulations, what a whirl wind you’ve traveled through! Your stockings and other creations are all fabulous and I love your new autumn splendor pallette!

  17. I love the shades in the stockings, the lime with blue and purple is my favorite combination. This looks like a great issue and love the runner and cell phone case, great gift ideas too.


  18. I like the first one, purple is my favorite color and the red makes it pop. I was just looking at the great gift ideas in the new Quilting Arts Gifts tonight!! Lots of good ideas and congrats on getting the cover again!

  19. Those stockings are so cute! I like the turquoise & red stocking. Hi LCG!!! All us Mercedians miss you.

  20. Definitely the 2nd from the right, the yellow bodied one – the stitching shows up nice against the yellow fabric, nothing beats a pretty sunny yellow! I love the yearly issue of QA Quilting Gifts, it always has such fun stuff to make, I made two sets of your accordion houses last year, one for me and one for a house warming gift! I’ll be making the stockings for sure, they’re so cute! Best, Ann in NC

  21. I put my comment in the wrong day (autumn colors). But my favorite (not surprising) is the one with the purple body. My second favorite is the blue with purple toes.

    And, yes, I’ve signed up for your newsletter. 🙂

  22. Congratulations on all your success! I love all the combo’s but I think my “more” favorite is the purple/gold stocking.

  23. Oh,I like them all grouped like that, but the red one on the right is probably my favorite.

  24. I already subscribe to your newsletter which is how I arrived here! Thanks for the giveaway, would be lovely to win.

  25. My favorite color is purple, so I’m naturally drawn to the purple stocking with the yellow band. Great contrast. The colors just pop!

    Congrats and I love watching you on Quilting Arts!!

  26. I really like the lime green, purple, and blue one most. It was a tossup however between that and the lime green, purple, and red. I liked the way the embroidery stood out more on the one which had the lime green as the main part of the stocking.

  27. Congratulations Candy! Your creations are always fun! It is hard to choose, but I like the yellow-green, purple and blue stocking.

  28. Congratulations on 1000 posts! What a giveaway! I love the purple and turquoise stocking!

  29. Woo Hoo!!!! Look at you go, Cover Girl!!! I love the Jester Stockings. I am all about happy decorations for the holidays. I really can’t make up my mind as to favorite combo. I really like the purple with yellow cuff and the yellow with purple cuff which is really funny because I tend not to put those colors together. Hmmm, new quilt palette? Thanks for always inspiring me (and for your sense of humor).

  30. I already subscribe to your newsletter. I love them all but my favorite is the mostly yellow one. Congratulations on your ongoing successful Blogging. Dyeing and quilting not to mention Cover girl two years in a row!!! Wow

  31. I like the turq stocking with the red cuff. 2 years in a row! What an honor! TY for the giveaway!

  32. I really like the red, purple and blue stocking – I like the way the blue “pops” the purple and red accents.

  33. I already subscribe to your newsletter – that’s how I found this contest!! Thanks for doing this!!

  34. Congratulations , Candy. You are a rock star on the art quilting scene! I love the lime green stocking, and I already subscribe to your blog.

  35. Hi Candy,
    That is a really significant milestone – congratulations. And congratulations also on your Quilting Arts articles too. I get QA and I do find it inspiring.

    As to the stockings – I love the one on the right hand end – its red/tomato is warm and Christmassy. But it was a hard choice because all your colour combinations are fantastic.

    Do keep on blogging please!

    Thank you


  36. I went to see Santa this summer and I wish he see this giveaway if Santa Random doesn´t. I love the purple/red/yellow sock.
    I have been sick for this magazine for a very long time now so I keep my fingers crossed.

  37. Hi again, you said leave another comment if already subscribed to your newsletter…..I love getting it and seeing what you are up to.. Hope to get to your studio and meet you in person some time. Ramona

  38. I love the purple, red and yellow stocking. Congratulations Candy on your awesome achievements!

  39. Congratulations on the cover! Two years in a row. That’s great.
    I love all of the stockings, but since I have to choose just one I pick the turquoise and red.

  40. Congratulations on your second QA Gifts cover as well as your 1k blogging milestone! The jester stocking is darlin’! The colors are all amazeballs . . . but I think my favorite is the red one.

  41. Candy, I love your projects! The colors are always so beautiful. If I won the 1,000th blog contest, I would love to have the fabric and felted wool balls for the stocking with the yellow body, purple cuff and blue heel and toe. Thanks for the inspiration!

  42. Candy, I already subscribe to your newsletter and enjoy it immensely. Thanks for all you do.

  43. Love the yellow boot with the purple top and blue toes! You almost want to make a pair to wear for the holidays! Who says you have to grow up! 🙂 After all, i drive a school bus, dont you think they’d love it!!!!!

  44. WOW – how to choose???? First favorite is the purple stocking with red/green details. I love your color inventiveness Candy!

  45. Congratulations Candy! It’s been great fun following your blog, articles and your rise to tv stardom! When will the shows be aired? Looking forwar to your 2,000th bog!

  46. All of the stockings are wonderful. Why not a different one for each family member. Favorite is probably the lime green with purple cuff.

  47. Hi Candy,
    My friend Jane Davila told me about you! I have just started dyeing silk scarves and I love it! Your work is beautiful and you are so organized. I hope to take an online class with you and maybe, maybe some day a class with you in CA. My daughter is a teacher in Pasadena s o I am getting to know the area a little since she moved out there 2 years ago. I am glad you have a newsletter so I can keep up with you.

    What a great contest.
    Take care, Ann Louise from Pawling, New York

  48. Congratulations! You are awesome and I’m so happy for your success! I would choose the purple topped stocking. Hard to choose, but I like the way the stitching stands out on the green.
    Thanks for your inspiration!

  49. I love the purple stocking just a teeny bit more than the others. They are all beautiful!

  50. Have been subscribing to your newsletter for some time now and have both online classes. Love your work.

  51. Congratulations on being a cover girl again. I like all your bright colors. I would probably want a red and purple stocking given the opportunity to choose.

  52. I love the purple, aqua and red or maybe the one next to it, or the next two. So hard to decide but purple aqua and red is it!!!

  53. Wow! Exciting news. I look forward to watching you on T.V.
    So, I want to enter your contest… I like the purple sock with yellow trim at the top.

  54. I already get your newsletter, but want to win your contest. So please enter my name. Thanks, Lynn

  55. I don’t have much blue in my house, but my eye kept on going back to the blue stocking with the red and purple. My vote is for the second from the left, and thank-you for offering such a great giveaway. I’ve taken some of your online classes and they are da bomb!!! Oops, I just dated myself big time. LOL

  56. Congratulations Candy!!
    I asked my little four year old what color combination he likes and he said the purple, yellow and red. Lol hope I remembered the correct colors.

  57. I like the purple & teal ones on the left the best (couldn’t narrow it down to just one)!
    Subscribed to your newsletter; I may already have subscribed but couldn’t remember (long day yesterday).

  58. I like the purple stocking with the yellow trim the best, but they are all pretty cute!

  59. I like the first one – the purple with red toe & heel and yellow on the top. Thanks for a chance to win! 🙂