Meetup | October Goals

The Meetup

And just like that…it’s October! After the craziness that was prepping for and shooting 4 episodes of QATV and a whole workshop, and then catching up on grading for the day job, oh, and launching a huge celebratory giveaway (have you entered?) … right now I’m in the eye of the hurricane:

September Goals

Prep for 3 QATV spots September 13  100%
Mystery Project – revealed! Prep and shoot QA Workshop! September 13  100%
Pix of Samples for FMQ class September 30     0%
Convertible Totes for Fall Shows October 15     0%
Fill up scarf stock October 15     40%
Finish teaching FMQ Class October 1  100%
Set up giveaway October 1  100%

I’ve been dyeing each weekend to fill up my scarf stock for my upcoming shows. What I’ve got to do know is keep on doing that and then make some other things for my upcoming shows. I’m going to try something new in regards to my Christmas stockings and the hanging organizers: display them and then take orders. That way, I can personalize the text on the hanging organizers and the stockings as well. (Plus, I don’t have time to make many! And the stockings are seasonal, it would stink to make a bunch of them and have them not sell before Christmas!)

So now, what else do I need to do to get ready for shows?

October Goals

Pix of Samples for FMQ class September 30 0%
Convertible Totes for Fall Shows October 15 0%
Fill up scarf stock October 15 40%
New signs for booth October 15 0%
Autumn Splendor mini botanical sketches October 15 0%
Prep kits for Phone Case class November 5 0%

Not a lot on that list, but I do believe it’s all I can do! With any spare time, I’ve got to make curtains made for the kitchen, and perhaps a pillow or two…and I can’t forget the cell phone case I’m teaching at the Redlands Sewing Center in early November as well!

Speaking of classes, I finished up my last session of another 3 session Free Motion Quilting class – we had a great time, and I got to teach them lots of motifs…I kinda forgot to take too many pix:

FMQ Class 1

FMQ Class 2

FMQ Class 3

FMQ Class 4

FMQ Class 5

But those pictures I took show lots of happy smiles! These FMQ classes have been quite popular – I’ll teach another one in January, and then I’ll also start offering Free Motion Machine Sketching there as well, teaching folks how to stitch the birds and flowers I love so well!

3 Responses

  1. I had a great time in your class, and I learned a lot. I’m feeling much more comfortable and less intimidated with FMQ now. I’m feeling really inspired. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. I wish I could quit my job to stay home and sew… I look forward to taking more classes with you.

  2. Love the totes you just made and the hanging “baskets” for stuff. I just might need to do some for my studio/tv/computer, room to help keep things organized. I have never been to Houston for the festival but since I have a niece who lives there, it might just need to happen. By the way, the Heart of Ohio Guild quilt show was last weekend. I submitted the blue/white/red heart Storm at Sea Quilt the Stress Knots made with fabric from Debra Lunn. Many nice comments… thank you. I already subscribe. Put me in the drawing please!!!
    Cathy Johnston