Using my Autumn Splendor Pallette

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, or entered my booth at an art show, you know that I put together a palette of colors, and work with the pallette a lot. Well, lately I’ve been working with my Autumn Splendor Pallette:




I love this palette because not only is it fun to play with the single colored fabrics, but it makes suce a lovely multicolor fabric as well:


To truly explore all the avenues of these colors, I’ve got to add in some different values. You can see what I mean in this quilt:


I continue to love working with these colors, so I’ve been dyeing some lighter values of all these colors!




OK, that’s all for this week – but stay tuned next week for a most awesome celebratory giveaway!!!

4 Responses

  1. Hi Candy,
    Have you shared the three dyes on which you’ve based your Autumn Splendor palette in either of the classes I’ve enrolled in, 101 or 102. (Confession: I still haven’t finished even 101). Feel free to answer privately) Your new cloths are lovely.
    Best wishes,

  2. Well it shouldn’t be a surprise but I like the stocking with the purple body the most. My next favorite is the blue with purple toes. Love the stockings!

    Hum, no one else is talking about the stockings so maybe I have it all wrong!