Late Summer Fun

Hubby has been sooooo busy with everything I put on his “honey-do” list (including our kitchen renovation this summer) that poor Stirling has been without a boat in the pool for over a year now! Stirling does NOT like to get in the water (he’s fallen in accidentally a couple times) but being a herder, it drives him crazy when his “herd” is where he can’t get to us, so when we swim, he circles the pool…and barks…and circles…and barks!

We found out a few years ago that he enjoyed being in a boat in the pool with us when the kids had a big blowup boat. Which of course popped after not too long. So Andrew made him a plywood/fiberglass boat that lasted a couple of years; but it died last summer.

So, although swimming season is just about over here, Stirling was quite happy to have a boat again!


As soon as we put it in the water, he jumped right in, I didn’t really have time to even get a picture of it!


Happy Stirling now!

2 Responses

  1. That is so funny, and cute! We had a cat that was the same as Stirling, if I went in the creek in my rubber raft the cat ran along the bank crying. I had to row over and let her get in with me. I don’t know that she actually enjoyed it all that much, she just didn’t want me out there where she couldn’t get to me! 🙂