Our Kitchen Reno | Light Rails and Under Cabinet Lighting

Well, we kept on plugging today! I took my first Instagram pic using the kitchen as a backdrop, instead of an Instagram pic OF the kitchen. Logan picked a pretty strawberry and wanted me to take a nice pic of it:

First Instagram taken in the new kitchen! One of Logan's awesome strawberries!


It’s going to be fun to work in this kitchen!!!!

Anyway – today was about light and handles.

We replaced the mis-drilled drawer front with a new one and got the rest of the handles on:


Then we put the light rails on the bottom of the cabinets and mounted lights (LED strips) on both the bottom and the top of the cabinets:


These handles have been such a struggle! They are such a big part of the design, and if there’s any deviation in the holes it will be so easy to see! And we still don’t have enough of the longer handles, sigh…


But darn, does it look good at night!



2 Responses

  1. I, truly, am loving your kitchen! Soon, Candy, soon it will be as you want it…I cannot wait to learn what food you make first!