Our Kitchen Reno | The Sink is IN!

Work on the kitchen slowed this weekend, because Andrew had 2 rehearsals and 2 performances from Friday to Sunday, and a lot of Saturday was spent in Idyllwild, for Liam’s final concert at music camp.



Even though they lost 5 rehearsal days to the fire, the wind ensemble sounded great! For me though, was watching him say goodbye to some good new friends. He had great roommates this year, and they really enjoyed being together. The nice thing about the world today is that they can easily stay in touch on Facebook, and hopefully meet up at All State!




We did get the sink in, and hubby plumbed it and the diswasher. Take a look at my cool faucet:

Yup, my faucet needs batteries! It’s a Delta Touch-2-0, and it turns on or off whenever you tap it! It should help cut down on water use, and it also makes it easy to wash your hands covered with raw goo, because you can turn it on with your forearm or elbow! Woot!

Finally, I marked a bunch of handle locations and Andrew drilled them before he headed off to Disney Hall for his last concert and…


yup, sad trombone music. 🙁 Thankfully, Andrew drives right by Ikea on the way back from LA, and he had to pick up more trim strips anyway, so a new door front was added to the order!