Art in the Park 2013 Report

What a great show we had! The weather – oh it was PERFECT! A little on the chilly side both mornings, but that was awesome, because we never got above 80 degrees, so it was just PERFECT for all sorts of folk to come out and enjoy, and we artists didn’t get cooked, hooray!

There were 70 booths in the park, here’s a look from my vantage point:



My good friends Liz and Adele both had their tents right across the sidewalk from me:


And I was right next to Tomi Olson, a painter and long time RAA member:



as well as some gals selling fun beaded jewelry (no pix!).

Here’s my booth setup this time, with the shelves off center so at least one quilt would hang to be seen completely:







Last show I didn’t bring my row houses, because they felt to “Holiday” to me, but this time I really wanted them back on my shelves, and I’m so glad I did, because they garnered lots of compliments! I really need to make some in completely different color palettes!




My rayon infinity scarves were quite popular, I thought to get one picture of a happy customer who bought 3:


Also popular this show were my capes – I had a lot of fun showing folks how to tie them all sorts of ways, here’s another happy customer, who happens to work with Adele in her booth, Vicki loved this and wore it all Sunday!


With the larger Arts Festival happening at the same time, we had TONS of traffic, and although I didn’t sell to many of the folks who came through, enough did buy something to make this a  successful weekend – even with me having to pack up 2 hours early on Sunday, because we had to get to Liam’s final CYMO concert…boy was I tired by the end of Sunday!

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