Snapshots from the Studio | A Reversible Quilt with Random Squares

I’ve been cranking through a quilt that’s been in my mind for MONTHS! I’ve been taking lots of pix to keep track of the layouts, etc (plus for a quick share on Instagram), and I wanted to pop in and record it all here. (SOme of the pix are out of focus – but at least I’ve got a record!)

Here’s the color palette – tints of a greeny teal + my Autumn Splendor palette.


I’m layering a color from my Autumn spendor with one of the tints of the teal, cutting out a square, swapping the centers and stitching them back together:



The front will be all the teals, with pops of colorful squares. It took me awhile to arrive at a layout I liked.



I really liked the color distribution in this one:


The back is the other colors, with teal tint centers. I started the layout by mirroring what was in the front, you can see that there are different issues in this side, so more tweaking to be done.



There! I liked this one!


I’m stitching these together in columns and then quilting them as I go, one column at a time. I got as far as quilting the first 3 squares before I ran out of steam:


2 Responses

  1. Love your quilt as you go method and would also love to see a more detailed tutorial for making the modulating squares quilt.

    It’s gorgeous!

    Being a relative novice, I can’t figure out how you took out the square to swap and reconstruct.