Red Dirt Spring 2013 Report | Goals Check in

We had a good time at Red Dirt Art Festival this weekend! The weather started quite cool and cloudy, but warmed up to the perfect show weather. The only downside was the wind picked up quite a bit at 4, which make folding scarves quite difficult when it came time to pack up at 5.

There’s plenty of room in Smiley Park for this group of artists, so I was able to feature some quilts on the outside of the right side of my booth as well:



I got to set up right next to my friend Liz, and across from my friend Cindy, which is always great!


Because there was space around me, and the weather promised to be excellent, so I didn’t use any of the sidewalls (often, even if the weather doesn’t require it, if the tents are jammed close together I use the sidewalls so folks can actually see my stuff).





I was so happy to see my little owls on the top row:


April Goals

Well, I was able to make all the things I really wanted to make for Red Dirt, and now that the day job is over until September (HOORAY!) I can really make some headway on my to-do list. However, I just added a bunch to it with hard and fast deadlines! I’ve got to write 4 articles for Quilting Arts Gifts by May 3. (Yes, I’m stoked!) But I’m going to re-make everything so that I can take process shots, so there’s some serious making I’ve got to do there. So I’m just going to see how much work on my online classes I can get done!

New zip bags in Spring Palette April 12 100%
Owls in Spring Palette April 12 100%
Teaser page for online classes April 30   0%
Start work on mystery proposal April 30   0%
Start working on Dyeing 100 April 30   0%
New slipcovers, curtains, pillows in the Living Room April 30   90%
Dye new scarf blanks April 10  100%
Prep for Summer classes at RSC May 1   0%
Dyeing more fabric for RSC classes and articles May 1   0%
4 Articles for Quilting Arts Gifts!! May 3   0%
Quilt Scene Submission May 6   0%
Modern Patchwork Submission May 13   0%

Wish me luck!


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