One Moment | Mother Earth Chemistry 2013

I had a great day – my Mother Earth Chemistry students gave their final presentations as a final exam. They each made something to eat involving some sort of food preservation technique (like fermentation…) and they explained how they planned out 2 different dyeing projects, evaluating whether they’d achieved the look they were going for, or not.

We had a great time, ate some tasty food, and saw some awesome dyed fabrics. I’m sad I didn’t bring a better camera, the iPad doesn’t take good long distance pix in low light situations.


One awesome added bonus: a student who took this class 3 years ago came by to see the presentations – he brought his girlfriend, they both really enjoyed the presentations as well. I was flattered!

Here we are at the end of the presentations:


While all this was going on, some evil folk had been exploding bombs at the end of the Boston Marathon – happiness and sadness, tied together on this Patriot’s day.

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