Easter Fun!

We had a great weekend! It started with egg dyeing, and then a magic show fund raiser for Logan’s middle school music program. At the magic show, given by a guild of magicians who do shows around SoCal, with a % of the ticket price going to the music program, they also had baskets to be raffled off. Each section had to put one together, and Logan really got into being part of the lower strings basket, which was to be an Easter basket. The kids as a group decided what to put in the basket, and each kid voluteered to get that item…Logan was really happy to search for a pair of bunnies. He was so excited about the result that I gave him $20 and told him to buy a bunch of raffle tickets and put them all in the container for his section’s basket (all the proceeds from this part goes directly to the music program, so it was a no brainer). Well, he won, and he was ecstatic! He even was happy to share some of the chocolate with his older brother, and was very happy to welcome the bunnies home!


The next morning the boy’s first had to unravel a “spiderweb” that the Easter bunny leaves for them to follow to find their baskets. Andrew didn’t have an Easter gig this year, so the bunny really got to leave quite a complicated web for them to unravel (this is my family tradition).


My lucky boys also get an Easter egg hung, because that’s my hubby’s family tradition. Stirling is quite good a finding the eggs – too good in fact, I caught him late the night before with an open egg and he was munching on the candy inside, ack!


Our dinner this year was just the four of us, no guests, and it was lovely! The weather was awesome; overall it was a great day! I hope you had a great day too!

2 Responses

  1. Candie…what a lovely family you’re have…you have so much fun together…and your work surrounds your family…you are inspiring, and I am old enough to be your auntie!…keep enjoying, the time passes much too quickly…

  2. What lovely family traditions and what wonderful memories you are all building.

    I was blessed that my family came home — we thought they had gone for good! They are gone now — 375 miles away and I am devastated!