One Moment | My Vision of a Row of House, Materialized at Last

I’ve had a vision of combining my individual 3-d houses into a long row. Forever. Truly, from all the way back I started working on my houses, which I see from the blog (see how useful a blog is) was in February of 2009! It took a proposal deadline (and some star alignments) to get these done, and I am so happy with them!

Yup, these are the mystery houses I showed you earlier this week, all stitched together and perched on my fireplace mantle!

Here’s a full on shot with them in my kitchen (many thanks to hubby who put the wires from the tv through the wall, now I’ve just got to hide that small bit between the fireplace and the bookcase!

I’ll pack these away for now (and hopefully send them off to be photographed for a magazine), but next November they’re coming to live on the mantle, complete with little twinkle lights behind them!

Oh my GOODNESS! This is exactly what I was hoping they would look like! Hooray!

That moment? When I turned off all the lights except for the twinkles and I saw what I’d seen in my mind? AWESOME!

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10 Responses

  1. Candy, I think the houses are wonderful. I love the look of the bright colors against the neutral wall.

  2. I just adore your little rowhouses! What a great project idea for kids of all ages. Thanks for sharing, Candy.