April Goals Check-in

I gave my last final exam yesterday (not graded yet…) and now I’ve got a little break before my MayTerm class, and I’ve got a LOT of stuff to make! I had another rush custom order for some scarves come in, gotta get those turned around pronto, they’re needed for a wedding next weekend.

Quilting Arts Gifts Submissions  April 20  60%
3 Custom Scarves for Elle’s Wedding  April 23  0%
20 Custom scarves for Colla Voce  April 25  0%
Replenish Scarf inventory  April 27  30%
6 iPad/kindle sleeves for Spring Shows  April 27  0%
3 convertible totes for Spring Shows  April 27  0%
6-12 zip wallets for Spring Shows  April 27  0%
Finish up Dyeing 101 (with new toys!)  April 30  98%
Cindy Podcast site  April 30  0%
Bag for Mary – finally started!  April 30  10%
Commission checkbook pouch  April 30  0%
Spread the word about Dyeing 101 on other blogs  April 30  0%

It always helps me to write these things down, it kind of calms my mind, lets me see I’m not forgetting anything.

And because it’s not a post without pictures, here’s some fabric I dyed for one of my Quilting Arts Gifts submissions, still to be made:



One Response

  1. Beautiful jewel-like fabrics! Have fun with your to-do list; enjoy your short break, as busy as it will be!