One Moment | Liam’s All Southern Concert

Now that Liam is in 9th grade, he’s auditioning for the High School honor bands/orchestras on trombone. Happily, he made it into all 3 (All County, All Southern and All State). The first of these concerts was last Sunday (after 3 days of rehearsals, oh so luckily hosted by the University of Redlands).

I wasn’t able to get very good pictures, but it was an enjoyable concert! These honor groups are a great way to keep the kids connecting with other like minded folk, and the bigger the audition pool the better the group can be. Groups like these were major motivators for me when I was growing up, and now, they are acting similarly for Liam.

And Logan is doing a great job of holding his brother’s tuxedo jacket! 🙂 Fun times!

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5 Responses

  1. Claire has her first first all-county band concert tonight. You are totally right about “like minded” folks. She is totally in her element and I am so proud. I know YOU feel the same. Congratulations to Liam (and to his supportive parents and brother)!

  2. Congratulations to Liam! And the boys are both looking very handsome, too. My girl went off to college saying she wasn’t going to play anymore. Turns out she missed it too much. They have too many Bones in their band, so we are on the lookout for a used tuba (she borrowed one before). I guess it’s hard to get the music out of your blood….