Meetup | January Goals

Well my goodness, does time fly when you’re a busy busy bee! I can’t believe that January has come and gone! Add to this the fact that school started back up and I’ve got an extra class to teach, I am frankly a little amazed at what did get accomplished:

January Goals

Launch “Dyeing 101: Controlling Color”  Feb 1  100%
Convertible totes and pattern for “Modern Patchwork”  Jan 13  100%
Nesting baskets and pattern for “Modern Patchwork”  Jan 13  100%
Lesley Re-vamp  Jan 15  100%
Notetaker for Pam  Jan 24  100%
Guest Post for Vicki  Jan 25  100%
Inventory and prep for taxes  Jan 31  10%
Bag for Mary (pitiful, that this comes and goes, this time it shall be done!)  Jan 31  0%
Laptop bag for my new laptop  Jan 31  0%
Install and evaluate commenting plugin(s)  Jan 31  30%

After getting my 2 magazine articles out the door, I really focused on the e-course. I had a bit of a problem getting the private website working properly – turns out there was actually a bug in the the plugin that the folks over at Cart66 had to fix – once I figured out that it wasn’t me that was the problem and asked them for help it was Friday before Martin Luther King weekend, so I had to gnash my teeth over the long weekend. The thing is – I had plenty of other stuff to do for the course,  but I found it really hard to just put that worry away and focus on something else, so there was some valuable time lost. But once it came together, it came together really fast! I sent my first email out to the people on my interest list Sunday the 22nd and I haven’t looked back! Wooooooot!

I had high hopes that I would have some actual people register for the class, and I am happy to say that they have! I underestimated a bit how to keep orders straight, and get an introductory email to each new registrant, but I figured out a system soon enough. 🙂 Although I had originally planned to start the class on Feb. 1, with getting people registered with an introductory price beforehand, I ended up wanting to have a lesson or two ready for them when they registered, so pushed to get the first 2 sessions up. At the end of the month, I’m elated and exhausted!

So here’s what’s on my plate for next month:

January Goals

Sessions 3-6 for class published  Feb 28  0%
Cindy Podcase site  Feb 28  0%
Commission iPad cover for Danny  Feb 28  0%
Commission index card holders  Feb 28  0%
New small pieces, hang in Alumni house  Mar 2  0%
Inventory and prep for taxes  Feb 28  10%
Bag for Mary (pitiful, that I am)  Feb 28  0%
Laptop bag for my new laptop  Feb 28  0%
Install and evaluate commenting plugin(s)  Feb 28  30%

I’m gonna be having lots of fun with my online course! If you’re on the edge about whether or not to join us, please know that the last day to get the early bird pricing is today!

Interested in the meetup? Find out more here, any one is welcome to join!

5 Responses

  1. the powerhouse that is Candy… and you cracked me up with your comment changes on the list item Bag for Mary… Mary is very patient, and that’s a good thing! Candy I hope your new class goes super super well, and that you have as much fun as I’m sure you’re students will. And I’m thinking you are MUCh better at marketing yourself than you think you are. Just sayin’. Have a great February Candy!

  2. Hi Candy,
    Congratulations on all of your goals! How wonderful for you to be launching a new class!! When you can, please post on the meet up facebook page or tweet where your articles are going to be published so that we can read them. Have a GREAT February. Best of luck on all of your goals!