Christmas Presents Revealed

Now that all the presents have been safely given, I can show you what I made for my Candy Claus list!

I made a couple of botanical sketch pillows, one for my Mom (to complete the set of 3 of pillows I made for a Quilting Arts TV segment last summer, I gave them to her for her birthday) and the famous Debbie (my cleaning lady, the creator of 2 “Debbie days” every month, she loves lemon and lime colors).

My niece Kendyll really wanted a going green scribbler:

I used Erin Erickson’s tutorial to make these cute circle zip earbud pouches for all my nieces (and a step-grand-niece). These were quick to make and are really sturdy (I used fusible fleece, next time I’ll use a thinner batting.

And finally, my niece Madison wanted an over the shoulder tote that fitted a bunch of spiral notebooks that she uses in school. I made a version of this bag years ago, and have never got around to making another one. I knew she’d need lots of pockets to keep all sorts of stuff, so I thought this bag style would be perfect. I designed it with the handles attached between a seam on the side rather than the top; attaching them in the top seam is such an awkward way of doing it, I’ve never been happy making totes that way. There are pockets on the outside as well as the inside.

All the presents were happily received!

6 Responses

  1. I LOVED Madi’s bag!!! I will definitely need to commission a bag for me to take back and forth to school. You’ll have to let me know when your down time is…..hahahaha!!

  2. Wow! Everything is gorgeous… I love it all! Lucky recipients!! I especially like the fabulous tote!!