Post Christmas Report

I hope that if you do celebrate Christmas you had a wonderful day yesterday! We sure did. It was just the four of us, and I’m afraid that I didn’t get very good pictures this year. But we all had a grand time!

Logan, at 10 years old, was able to hold off the pre-Christmas stress pretty well, although the last day was pretty tough. It took me 240 pictures to get a nice one of all three of them in front of the Christmas tree! (I have high hopes of writing up a “New Years News” newsletter and sending that to people on my Christmas Card list – which I haven’t used in 3 years now!!!)

We all got what we wanted on our lists. My big excitement was a large, full powered laptop to replace my small, under powered one.  I’ve been trying really hard this year to spend the last hour or two of my day hanging out with the hubby downstairs, reading blogs was fine on the old laptop, so I would do that. But I found that I was doing more and more blogging, picture processing, and web design during those last 2 hours, thus the need for a full powered laptop. I also suspect that if I use it downstairs during the afternoons when the boys are supposed to be doing homework and practicing that those things may happen at a faster rate (don’t hold your breath though!) 😉

Ah, good old “Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots”! Logan saw these in Target about a week before Christmas and just HAD to have them!

The big excitement of the day was Liam’s big present. He’s wanted a jazz trombone (it’s got a smaller bore and no trigger, it will have a less “beefy” sound but blends better in a big band section) for 3 years now. He has his Dad’s old trombone that is an excellent instrument, but it’s definitely an orchestral instrument. A decent jazz trombone would be $1500, which is why we weren’t keen on getting one. However, you can get some nice old ones if you scout them out. Andrew started watching ebay like a hawk, and was able to score a very good horn made in 1946 for $315! Woot! It needed some work, lots of cleaning and a new case, and boy was Liam surprised!

I just love a good surprise! Hooray!

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  1. Oh the look on Liam’s face! How wonderful! Congratulations Andrew on making his day! Thanks for sharing your family time with us.