Custom Dyed Ikea Footstool Slipcover

Someone emailed me about a month ago, asking if I could dye an ikea footstool cover…turquoise and orange. I’ve dyed Ikea slipcovers before, but only a single color. This is the footstool cover she sent me:

it’s for their “Ektorp” line, and is 100% cotton, and comes in two pieces. The two pieces makes it a it bit easier to control the dyeing, the more 3 dimensional something is, the harder it is to dye all the bits and pieces of it.

She asked for orange and turquoise with an all over pattern – and specifically wanted them to be vibrant. I pointed out to her that where the turquoise and orange meet there would be brown (because they’re opposites on the color wheel). She agreed, but I went ahead and just dyed a yard of fabric first to get an idea of how it would look:

Here’s a large portion of the yard:

and a close up of one region:

She liked this, and I was glad to have done the dry run so I could up the intensity of the colors. Here’s the finished product (I draped it over a much larger footstool I have, this explains the green sticking out of the bottom)

Once I sent her these pictures I was happy to get an email back saying she loved it!

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