Blogger’s Quilt Festival: Botanical Sketches Quilt

Wahoo! It’s Blogger’s Quilt Festival time!


What I love most about this festival is the stories behind the quilts. I made this quilt in August, but it had been in my head for years!

Botanical Sketches: 35″ x 38″, all fabric dyed by me, botanicals free motion machine sketched on my Juki TL-98Q

I’ve worked with my botanical sketch motifs for quite awhile, making smaller art quilts, pillows and my going green totes.  With these smaller pieces I was perfecting my “free motion sketching” quilting style, and figuring out how to portray lots of pretty botanical specimens. (In response to a question: I don’t mark anything ahead of time, I just go! Videos of me doing that can be found here.) I’ve been wanting to make this quilt for a long time, but  I HAD to make it at the end of the summer – in my mind, it summarizes everything that I cover in my newly minted DVD; the colors, the multicolor fabrics, the sketches, it’s all there. Here’s my favorite pair of blocks:

That fabulous piece of multicolor fabric, oh it is just awesome! I can pour the same dyes in the same way 100 times, there always going to do something different!

I’ve got some shows coming up, and then Christmas is looming…but I really want to make another one of these!

To all the new visitors to my blog – thanks for stopping by. Make sure to go visit more of the quilts in the festival!

37 Responses

  1. the free motion sketching on your quilt is fantastic! I could see that it could be totally addicting. ;o) Happy Sewing!

  2. Fantastic quilt! Your fabric is wonderful and those designs are fun! Looked at your totes and love them, too. Think i need to try something like this one of these days. Thanks for sharing and have a great day

  3. Your quilt is stunning and the colours are beautiful. I really love the work you are doing with the free motion sketching. It looks wonderful!

  4. Your botanical design quilt has turned out very well. You have really brought your talents together to join the beautiful colors of fabrics with the drawings of natural plantlife. Nicely done!

  5. That is so awesome! I can’t decide which flower is my favorite. And I watched the video…part of me is intimidated and part of me wants to go try that!

  6. Wow, I love everything about this quilt! Great job on your thread painting. I wish it were mine!

  7. Wow, I am speechless. This quilt is stunning! So cool and so simple. You really knocked the stitching out of the park! Awesome!

  8. YUMMY!! with a capital Y!! I love this quilt …. I’m going to watch your video!! I really love the white thread on the colorful quilt. Come see me some time… I love color too!! Hugs

  9. Swoon! I LOVE this quilt! Love all those wonderful hand-dyes and your stitching is just to die for! Just beautiful!

    I’ll be coming back to check out more on your site – I like your style!