Are you ready for Blogger’s Quilt Festival?

My internet friend Amy dreamed this up a couple of years ago, it’s an online quilt show where blogger’s post a picture of a quilt and talk about the story of that quilt. I interviewed her on my blog a year and a half ago. Here is Amy’s description of it:

Bloggers’ Quilt Festival is for everyone! Young and old, all styles are welcome. There’s no judging, just inspiration with each and every click! I have timed it to coincide with Quilt Market in the fall and spring each year. Our festival runs for one week, and everyone that joins is included in a big drawing for wonderful prizes donated by our sponsors.

I’ve really enjoyed this because of the focus on the story. I’ve been able to share some of my older quilts with this festival, take a look here, here, and here. I’ve got a quilt in mind to share tomorrow, and I’m also one of the people offering a prize to all the participants, a copy of my Versatile Messenger Pattern.

The next Festival will run October 28- November 4th, click here for more info:

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