Adding Nook and Kindle covers

While getting ready for our trip last week, I quickly made a cover for my son’s Nook color and hubby’s Nook (our family’s luck continues – hubby was buying pool supplies and entered a contest for buying 3 types of pool chemicals of the same brand, and he won the Nook. Long time readers know I won my iPad last Spring. The Nook color for Liam? I actually bought that for him last Christmas! 😉 )

Liam is a trombonist, so he approved the bass clef on his cover, and requested the purple and red. Hubby wanted something fun, yet masculine.

Regular size Kindle’s are the same size as the Nook color, so I’ve now got measurements/a pattern for all these devices. I’m gonna try to make a bunch for fall shows, and I’ve got to get an order form set up so that people can choose color combos, botanical motif, and device.

What do you think? Is having people order these so they can specify colors/motif/size the way to go?

I’m sharing this with my pals on Amy’s Sew ‘n Tell!

8 Responses

  1. If I’m going to a fall craft show, I’m going to buy something that I see and love there. Something I can take home with me. I am not going to make an order. From my perspective, if there were two somethings that I wanted, one that I had to order and wait for (even though I get to choose the colors) and one that I can pick up off the table and walk away with, I’m going with the instant gratification. If I love it, I’ll keep your card and order custom colors for next time. For a Christmas present for my mother. Or as a birthday present for my niece. Or whatever.

  2. I agree with Em’s comment! Do the covers have a hard side to them to protect the screen when it gets tossed into a backpack or purse? Just curious.