What I did on my summer vacation!

This went out to everyone subscribed to my newsletter last week. It was a list I’ve been working on for awhile, and it kept getting sidetracked. I thought it would be fun to share here if you aren’t subscribed to my newsletter! (If you are, well, move along, nothing new to see hear! ūüėČ )

I know, I know, why am I talking about summer now? Well, it seems like summer¬†vacation ended just yesterday, but indeed, I’ve been back teaching three weeks now, so we’re officially in Fall. I do so love visiting my goals and looking back, so I thought it would be fun to take a look back at what I did in the purview of art making this summer:

1) I designed a new tote bag

It’s a convertible tote bag, you can fold it open, fold it closed, or expand it up when you need to carry more stuff. I’ll be making some with¬†this awesome organic fabric designed by my online pal Daisy Janie:

And some fabulous multi-color hand dyed fabric as well:

2) Dyed some shirts for some visiting low brass players.

This was just for fun, but I wanted to share this picture of these awesome trombone and tuba players who come to teach with my husband at the Pokorny Seminar each June at the University of Redlands.

3) I finally finished my Messenger Bag Pattern

This¬†particular list item took about a year to complete!. My messenger bags are extremely functional – I’ve put a lot of thought into creating something that helps you get through your day with style.

¬†Because this is an e-pattern, I was able to take the space I needed to really illustrate all the steps it takes to put this bag together. There are¬†25 different figures, and most of them have multiple photos in them, I hope this makes the pattern feel like you’re in the studio with me, making¬†your bag along side me as I’m making mine!

4) I taught a class on how to “Sketch with Scissors”

This was at the¬†International Quilt Festival 2011 in Long Beach, CA. I taught folks how to make these sweet birdie earrings. I also worked in the¬†Quilting Arts “Open Studio” for two hours, which was quite an honor.

5) I made some Botanical Sketch Pillows

There here in the shop, I just love them!

6) I dyed lots of fabric

Which looks a lot like this during the process:

But it looks like this when it’s done!

7) I made an art quilt that’s been ruminating in my brain for 2 years

It’s a combination of my Botanical Sketches:

You can read all about it here.

8 ) I filmed 2 episodes of Quilting Arts TV

It was very exciting! Here I am in the studio:

It was a lot less nerve wracking than last year, you can read all about my
experiences here, here, and here.

9) I had 2 more articles come out

They are both in Quilting Arts Gifts, both my iPad covers:

and LOOK, my journal covers made the cover! Woot!

10) I finished a secret project!

Yup, I’ve been working on something super secret, and I can’t tell you about it yet! ūüôā But I am SO HAPPY to have it finished!

OK, so I didn’t do too shabbily this summer, did I? Now, it’s full steam ahead for the Fall art shows. No rest for the weary. But I’ll tell you,¬†crossing that secret project off my list opened the floodgates of creativity, I’ve got so many ideas swimming around up there, I hardly know¬†where to start. But start I will!

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  1. You were a busy girl this summer! I love the dyed fabrics, and the Botanical Sketches quilt is so nice.