Edible Homework

We’ve been working hard in the kitchen:

Anyone want to take a guess at what that is? I’ll give you a hint – Liam’s taking Biology!

Note the green cake around the edge, and the little green candies, and the big mis-shapen blob that takes up half the space, and the large red circle with a smaller circle in it, and the black line all the way around the mint green frosting…

Give up???

It’s a …. Plant Cell! 🙂

  • green cake around the edge: Cell Wall
  • little green candies: chloroplasts
  • big mis-shapen blob: central vacuole
  •  large red circle with a smaller circle in it: nucleus with nucleolus
  • black line all the way around the mint green frosting: cell membrane around the cytoplasm


  • The wavy red line (cut up Twizzler)  is the endoplasmic recticulum (ER)! See how one part of it has all the little sprinkles around it? Those are ribosomes, thus that part of the twizzler is the Rough ER, and the part without the sprinkles is the smooth ER! 🙂
  • The black stack of Twizzlers is the Golgi body and the dark brown M&M’s are vessicles blebbing off the Golgi.
  • The orange “Mike & Ike’s” candies are the mitochondria!
  • I think that’s it!

I hope his class-mates eat it after he’s done presenting it!

I love how home and the day job can co-exist…today I’m giving an exam in my Genetic Engineering that covers cell structure, I’m going to give the a picture of this and let them label parts for extra credit!


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  1. I made one of those for my biology class once too! Best bio project ever! 🙂 It looks so sciencey and tasty.