Giveaway | Quilting Arts Gifts 2011

One of the things I got a quick peek at in the QATV green room last week was the newest issue of Quilting Artsย Gifts.

They keep lots of current magazines there for folks to read, and this issue was hot off the presses.


I was totally stoked to see my journals on the cover! Way up in the upper right hand corner – squeee!

I got my copies in the mail yesterday and have had some time to peruse this fabulous magazine, so many awesome things to make:


I love those bird ornaments made by Cynthia Frenette, they’re like cartoons coming to life!

And Frieda Anderson’s fireplace screen is STUNNING!


I’ve got 2 projects in this magazine: my iPad ย sleeve:

And a journal/sketchbook cover:

I’m especially proud of this pattern because it’s made to fit any size journal – just take 3 measurements of your journal and follow some simple calculations I put in an easy to understand table and you can have a beautiful cover to fit your favorite size journal or sketchbook.

I’ve got an extra copy, and I’d love to give it away to one of my awesome blog readers! I’ll even throw in a piece of hand dyed fabric!

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Leave a comment and let me know what you’re planning on making for holiday gifts this year. (And if you’re not making anything, you could tell me what you’d like to receive for a gift this coming holiday season).
  2. Subscribe to my newsletter and leave another comment to let me know (of course, if you’re already a subscriber, let me know that too!)

Deadline: Next Tuesday, Sept. 13 at midnight Pacific

I’ll use good old to pick a winner! Life is exciting, and I try to share that excitement when I can! ๐Ÿ™‚

This could be yours!

119 Responses

  1. These projects look fabulous! If I don’t win the giveaway, I may have to run out and buy a copy!

    I still need to get together my thoughts on december gifts – those journal covers look fabulous, though, and I have a friend who would love them!

  2. So many things to make, actually! I was inspired by your ipad cover to make one of my own in a slightly different style, and I’d like to try a few other kinds, too. Lots of baby quilts for friends and charity. Pillows – seems like an easy and fun project, and your nature sketching is so great that I want to try to learn how to do something like that (though I know they won’t turn out as cool – you have that technique down pat!) And bags – I’ve only made one so far (a gift for my cousin) – but I want to make them for lots of friends and family! I like to make my own patterns for things, but your sketchbook cover idea sounds very cool. If I don’t win, I’ll have to go pick up a copy!

    Thanks, too, for sharing your experience about being on tv. I think that sounds like so much fun…and I look forward to seeing your episodes!

  3. We don’t really do Christmas, my machine is in storage, so I guess I won’t be making anything. But, what I’d really like is for someone to finish my studio! (Hear that, honey? LOL!)

  4. I love the thought of making gifts for Christmas however I don’t have the time. When I’m home the two kiddos 10 mos and 2.5 keep me running and then you add work. So I would wish for time for Christmas.

  5. Wow! Look at you, you’re a covergirl!!! Great projects! Christmas already?! Ahhhh! I need to draw a couple of animal portraits. Guess I should think about getting on those.

  6. I’m actually making a few quilts for Christmas gifts this year. Mom’s top is done, but I’m trying to hunt down a long arm quilting person as it’s too big for me). Just got the fabric but haven’t cut yet for dad’s. And finished one for the boy friend’s parents.

  7. I was thinking of mug rugs but the journal covers look a great idea!
    I’m giving damson gin as well!!

  8. I love their Gifts publications, they’re always packed with such fun stuff – and look, you have TWO projects, I’m so proud of you! Great give-away, Candy, thanks for the opportunity! I’m making all kinds of stuff this year, my favorite so far I think it the refrigerator carryout menu holder, lol. So practical and fun.

  9. I sure enjoyed reading about your tv shoot experience and seeing some behind the scenes shots. I think I’ll be making some journals or covers and some eye pillows for gifts. Your projects look so great that I have those on my to-do list. Thank you for offering this opportunity to win a copy of this issue!

  10. Those are really pretty! If I when that, it will be 1 more tool to persuade my fiance’ why I NEED an Ipad! lol

  11. I am making at least one pillow; the one I have the fabric for (and plan to start tomorrow) is for my sister – it has penguins on it.

    I know what I am getting from my mum – The Encyclopeida of Quilting Blocks! Yay!!!

  12. Congratulations on those features! That is fabulous, and if I don’t win here, I’m going to have to go buy this issue for sure! This is totally not craft oriented, but I’m thinking of giving my mom a “soup of the month” membership, where I make a batch of soup each month. I’m sure I’ll make some other gifts, but haven’t given it any thought yet!

  13. Hey Candy — I already subscribe to your newsletter. We don’t exchange gifts with many people, so I don’t usually make much. But, if we have any awkward-to-wrap gifts, I usually make a gift bag out of old pattern paper quilted together. They’ve always been a big hit. I’m planning on getting an iPad this fall, so I may have to make my own cover as a gift to myself!

    Congrats on all that’s been happening for you lately. You deserve it!

  14. I love making things! I plan on making softies for the children, cosmetic pouches and knit items.

  15. What great projects. I am making some large I Spy Pillows for the holidays for my nieces and nephews. The hand dyed fabric is beautiful! thank you for the lovely giveaway.

  16. I’m planning to make some cross-over bags for Christmas this year.

    Congratulations on making it to the magazine!! Thanks for the chance to win! (I signed up for your newletter, too!)

  17. If I can get the craft room organized in time (sigh), I’d love to make kindle covers as gifts. Several family members have one and I am hoping to bring one home this Christmas for myself, so of course the first “sample” would have to go to me-just to work out the problems, naturally.

  18. I love to sew all kinds of things for my family and friends for Christmas, so far I have made a personalized apron and towel set for my daught, but I plan on make some quilted pot holders and placemats for another daughter.

  19. Plan on making jewelry, trinkets, and sew things like charms, little bags, post cards, and quilties for the holidays. Will do that with my kids too. Might even make cloth journals with them during winter break.

  20. Love your projects in this holiday issue. There are certain friends of mine that always receive a handmade gift from me – and if they don’t I hear about it! LOL! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Hi Candy,

    Awesome giveaway, I love these types of magazines, especially since I haven’t decided what to make for Christmas gifts, lol. I guess I’d better get going on that!

  22. This year I am making (not started yet) some table runners, some make up bags, some fabric grocery bags and maybe a quilt for my mom and my SO.

  23. I’ve not thought at all about holiday gifts; I’m terrible that way! They’ll have to be something easy like pillows or something along those lines.

  24. I am making pincushions, small stocking out of sleevages (to fill with candy) and candle mats (wool) for gifts this year.

  25. I plan on making scissor fobs for my quilting besties this year. Thanks for a chance at the giveaway!

  26. Christmas gifts I am making; 1 tree skirt, one table runner, 1 bright banner, remaking 9 old felt stocking 20 to 50 yrs old) into wool felt.

  27. love your ideas. I am thinking about making Kindle,ebook, journal covers for my kids and a couple of family and friends. The ones in the store are so expensive and and by making them I could personalize them.
    I just found your link and just subscribed today.

  28. ooh! Congrats on getting 2 projects in the magazine!! I haven’t really started thinking about what to make for holidays projects yet! But I have been into making macramรฉ bracelets lately so I’m sure some people will be getting them! ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. I am making scrapbook paper- tile coasters for my friends & embroidered travel pillows for my girls. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for this contest!

  30. Well, don’t tell anybody on my list, but I’m making little “buckets” to put in mugs to hold pencils and scissors and things like that. I’m also making a couple of wall hangings.

    Gorgeous work!

  31. I always make Christmas gifts and QA always comes through with new, fun things to make. I haven’t seen this issue yet, but I am sure it is as good as the previous years. Thanks for the opportunity!

  32. I would like to make some tote bags for my sisters for Christmas, they have been throwing out hints that this is what I should be making for them!

  33. I really, really want to make those adorable bird ornaments on the cover of the magazine! I would also like to make the iPad cover for my daughter ๐Ÿ˜€

  34. I just signed up for your newsletter ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m very glad I found your site and can now receive email updates!!

  35. I love your work! Your Ipad covers so very cute!!! I would love to win this mag… they always produce fun stuff. BTW, I am a newsletter subscriber. Congratulations on getting two items published. BTW, I have no idea what christmas items I am making, but I do make stuff.

  36. I learned quilting this year. I’m making two iPod pouches, a cell phone carrier, and an iPad sleeve (for the boss who has everything).

  37. I don’t do much quilting, but i would like to learn to make quilting gifts. Thank you for the opportunity to win this gift.

  38. I really need to get some new stockings made for my SIL and the 2 grandchildren that we have since the last time I made stockings for everyone. I would also like to make some coasters to give away as gifts and some tote bags. I think this mag. would be awesome to win.

  39. I’m on a locker hooking kick right now. Potholders and mug rugs. I would LOVE to win this magazine; I always have to BUY it LOL

  40. I am looking forward to making covers/cases for iPads and Nooks. Seems like all the family has them so these would be ideal gifts. THanks.

  41. I’m making glass banks, etching names & pictures on the front for Christmas gifts. (Need to get started on that!) On the fabric front, I’m making aprons from placemats. These are the smaller “tool” aprons. But they turn out so cute! Thanks for the chance to win this mag. I love reading thru each new issue.

  42. I’m making slippers, jackets, nightgowns and bags. Dolls, wallets and kitchen stuff. I love the Quilting Arts Christmas magazines. They are always full of wonderful ideas and inspiration. There is always items under our tree that were made using past Christmas issues.

  43. I’d love to receive anything handmade by my mother! I plan on making some mini felt stocking ornaments

  44. I came over from Craft Gossip. I hope to finish a quilt as a gift and to maybe make another one – just need 30 hour days:) Thank you so much for the giveaway.

  45. I LOVE your projects in this issue. What am I making for holiday gifts? Something made with fabric and probably quilted. You mean I need to be planning for that? Again?! Oh, yes. I guess so. What I’d love to receive: Anything sewing or quilting related. Or food. Or comfy clothes.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  46. Im a subscriber! Im making up finger less gloves for Christmas gifts just now, using recycled wollen jumpers Ive collected and washed-to-felt. I’ve also got home made bottles of Sloe Gin ageing, to go with the gloves, thats IF I dont drink it myself……….Im working on my self discipline!
    I can no longer afford the postage for US magazines like I once did..and they are always so special somehow.
    So Id be thrilleld with any US stitchy mag in my Christmas stocking, failing that, tonic to go with the sloe gin!

  47. Awesome projects. i need to make myself an ipad cover. I may make on for my son too for Christmas. Every year i make something for all my kids. one year it was aprons for the men, purses for the ladies. Last year it was aprons for the ladies and oven mitts for the men. This year each family is getting a quilt. thanks for the giveaway.

  48. That magazine looks like it has some great ideas in it. Usually for Christmas gifts I fill baskets with homemade goodies of all sorts.

  49. WOW I am in LOVE with this fabric! One of the things I am making happen to be the journals!!! How beautiful these are!. I am really exited to have joined your web site! Thank you for the opportunity.
    Debbie O In Idaho

  50. I’m am making a bunch of gifts this year jewelry, bags, and such. I am even getting my little ones in on the handmade gift giving.

  51. I could use a case for my new iPad. I’ve been making things with men’s ties so…gifts will be made out of htose this year. Just need to figure out what they will be!

  52. I am making at least two throw size Christmas quilts this year plus some fun quick projects like fabric wallets and bags. I am on the look out for a sewing machine table so maybe Santa will deliver ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. Im in a few swaps this year and for the Chrissy one IM thinking of making a hexagon zippy purse and an ornament for the tree….

  54. For Christmas I am making my nieces reversible sling bags – the fabrics I have chosen are funky and I know that they will love them! I’m still trying to decide what to make for my sisters…. hmmmm… maybe this magazine would be handy!! Thanks for the chance.

  55. I’m a subscriber to your posts. I love your hand dyed fabrics. I’m making my granddaughter and her dolly matching outfits for Christmas.

  56. For the women, I’m thinking of making little zippered bags, with funky linings, unique to each of the gift recipients, using fabrics that illustrate each person’s character.

  57. I’m making a few beaded bracelets and some journal covers with machine embroidered Alice in Wonderland designs. I still have to figure out good presents to make for the guys.