Return from QATV part 2 | The Artists

I want to tell you all about the fantastic artists on the set of Quilting Arts TV. Facebook posts as I left California made it to Judy Coates Perez and Susan Brubaker Knapp, and when I landed in Cleveland I had messages from both of them waiting on my phone. We were able to make dinner plans, and we met up with Elin Waterston at a great Lebanese restaurant:

Susan, Elin, Judy and me!

Because of my travel schedule I had plenty of time to hang out in the green room the next day. Between setting up for my tapings the next day I had plenty of time to chat and watch these ladies on the monitor.

Here’s Susan. She is so calm, cool and collected, definitely an inspiration!

 Here’s a picture of Judy I snagged from her blog, she did a segment on decolorants. So cool!

That night, we grabbed Jo, the awesome Bernina rep who is available in the green room all week long to help us set up, and trouble shoot using the machines and had a great dinner at a teppanyaki restaurant:

Judy, Susan, and Jo

See how happy Judy and Susan are? That’s because they were DONE! I did not have an alcoholic beverage with them!

Then my taping day arrived! Here’s Elin Waterston doing a bit on machine quilting:

Here I am almost ready to go. I was sewing on a huge Bernina, and when I ran it a top speed the table was slightly jiggling, so there’s an awesome tech guy on the ground screwing the top to the base.

Speaking of sewing, I thought it would be fun to take a picture of my feet – I sew with a bare foot, so shot both episodes with one shoe on and one shoe off!

Look, a window to the outside! Not really, I was totally amused though!

Here I am with one episode down and one to go! That tape looking stuff on my leg are peel and stick labels that I used to label my stepouts. I tried to remember to take them all off before the shooting began, but I have a vague memory of noticing one or two during the taping, so who knows!

Later on, I got to meet Diane Doran, who does amazing work with digital images on fabric. Here we are in the green room, see how happy I am? It’s because I’m DONE!

Of course, I find myself wishing I’d take more pictures!

I really had an awesome time, and because this was my 2nd time doing this, I was much more relaxed. It also helped that all these amazing gals were supporting me and being awesomely inspiring, such a wonderful vibe of creative juju is in that room.

I’ve got more to report, but I’ve got to call it quits for now!

Oh, it will be months before these shows air, I’ll be sure to let you know. Some of you were disappointed that QATV doesn’t air in your area – well not to fear! They sell DVD’s entire seasons and…they now sell video downloads of single episodes! They are usually $3.99, but right now they’re on sale for $2.79! So if you’d like to see my appearances from last year, it’s episode 703 (messenger bag) and 709 (mod house ornaments).

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  1. It was so great to meet you! I agree about being more relaxed the second time around – I was totally relaxed about the TV tapings – so much easier when you know the ropes.