Meetup | September Goals

Whooo Nellie! August really wound up with a BANG! The QATV taping was almost all consuming, I am SO happy that it’s done. I’ll be blogging more about it this week because 1) it’s all I’ve got to blog about and 2) I had so much fun, and learned so  much, I wanna share!

But I’m already a couple days late with these goals, it helps me SOOOOO much to get them down, so first up, lets take a look at how I did:

August Goals

Dye Dye DYE August 28 75%
Stepouts for QATV August 28 100%
6 more Botanical Sketch Pillows August 28 40%
Botanical Sketch Quilt August 28 100%
Convertible Totes! August 28 0%
5 Birdie Clutches October 13 10%
Set of Buckets for Harp playing Mary Received Extension! 0%
Custom Backpack for Kira – I’ve got more thinking to do on this one Received Extension! 0%
Shaun’s Website August 29 60%
Laine’s Website: Waiting for her soon 99%
Janet Edwards Website August 20 100%
Lesley Downie Website RE-vamp August 20 100%
RAA Website revamp August 31 100%
Kori Kanayama Website August 20 100%

The special orders I requested and received extensions for was very helpful. I’m learning that even I have my limits, and if I have too many projects bouncing around in my head, they just break stuff in there! 😉

School starts for me on Tuesday, and I’ve now got to focus on making for my upcoming shows. I shan’t panic – even though the new shipment of habotai scarf blanks was back-ordered all summer, I really only have to dye 6 color pallettes to have a nice stock of all my scarves to start the Fall season. Although it is always extremely scary when I make my blank purchases (because I buy a lot, and always live in fear that this is the time that world doesn’t want to buy my scarves any more), I was brave enough last time that I had plenty to dye lots this summer. But, it sure was nerve wracking when I only had 5 left!

Anyway, unless I’ve totally spaced something, my main focus is making lots and lots for the Fall shows, so most of my due dates are for the day before Art for Heaven’s Sake.

September Goals

Botanical Sketch Pillow pattern for QATV September 6 60%
Create Irvine Proposals Sept 20 0%
Set of Buckets for Harp playing Mary Sept 30 0%
AFC postcards October 1 10%
AFC Banner October 1 10%
Dye Dye DYE October 13 75%
Package up Birdie Earrings October 13 75%
More Convertible Totes October 13 0%
6 iPad Covers October 13 0%
6 Kindle Covers October 13 0%
6 Nook Covers October 13 0%
5 – 10 Journal covers October 13 0%
iPad, Nook, Kindle cover pattern October 30 75%
6 more Botanical Sketch Pillows no rush ’til I sell a few 40%
5 Birdie Clutches October 13 10%
Set of Buckets for Harp playing Mary Sept 30 0%
Custom Backpack for Kira – I’ve got more thinking to do on this one Received Extension! 0%
Shaun’s Website Sept 15 90%
Laine’s Website: Waiting for her soon 99%

I know it looks like a lot, I probably won’t get them all done. BUT, the big, un-bloggable project is complete too! (Yes, it’s torture not to tell you about it…it’ll probably be 3 months or so…sigh…) So, all my goals this summer couldn’t mention this, but it really was there, so I’m hoping that means I can get most of that done! Another awesome thing about shooting QATV is that my mind is now FULL of new ideas. Here’s hoping I can balance making for shows with making the new stuff swirling around in my head! After all, this quilt:

was in my head for 2 years! Seriously!

Click here to find out more about the meetup! Come join us if you like!

7 Responses

  1. I have a lot of quilts in my head too. I work at Joann’s and recently a customer asked about my quilting. I told her I have two ‘in process’ and about 7 in my head. She just looked at me like I was totally nuts. haha

    Love that you got that one done (and it’s amazing!). Quilts overlapping in the head space …things can get full in there. 🙂

  2. Wow Candy, great completing for August. Your quilt is gorgeous and I so look forward to hearing about the QATV thing. Hope those scarves are winging their way to you, and have huge fun getting everything ready for all your shows. Yay for September!

  3. Beautiful! I don’t know how you manage to teach, dye, sew, quilt and take care of everyone all at the same time. Amazing. Although I have noticed sometimes that when I write down everything I do it seems like a lot more than it felt while I was actually doing it. Does that make sense? Best wishes with your September goals!

  4. Woo Candy! I am so excited to hear about the project that cannot be named. The quilt is beautiful, idea bounced around for 2 years and turned out so lovely. I like you analogy that things get broken in there when stuff bounces for too long. Ha! Good luck balancing all the show stock, withe new ideas and school too – September here we come!

  5. I love the quilt,your birdie earrings are adorable and as usual you are way ahead for the month. Hope the new school year goes well.