One Moment | Sending Liam off to Music Camp

We took Liam up into the mountains today for 2 weeks of music camp at Idyllwild Arts Academy. He was quite excited, and ready for us to leave! The very first item on the agenda, after getting registered and stuff unloaded into the dorm, was a seating audition. Because my Hubby is a trombonist, and teaches at the University of Redlands (while being a Dean of the School of Music), he knows the 2 trombone teachers up there. It was so awesome to meet the one teacher I didn’t know and have a nice visit while Liam was warming up. I’m pretty sure this made it so easy to just walk away – know these 2 awesome folks would be looking after him while he’s away.

I was able to snap a couple of pix before we were expected to leave already. I know we’ll be back for 2-3 concerts, hopefully then there will be more photo ops. My Moment? Look how grown up my baby is…and how like his Dad!
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