Introducing the Versatile Messenger Bag Pattern

Versatile Messenger Bag Pattern

Oh my goodness, this pattern has been a long time coming! I’ve written several patterns for magazines in between starting and finishing this – I guess I should give myself deadlines like the magazine folks do! 😉

My messenger bags are extremely functional – I’ve put a lot of thought into creating something that helps you get through your day with style. Because this is an e-pattern, I was able to take the space I needed to really illustrate all the steps it takes to put this bag together. There are 25 different figures, and most of them have multiple photos in them, I hope this makes the pattern feel like you’re in the studio with me, making your bag along side me as I’m making mine!

Of course, I know we all like to put our own twist on things, so I’ve included measurements for 2 different sizes (regular and MEGA!) and there are directions for 3 different flap styles, as well as prompts to bring out your creative side and make something that’s uniquely you.

I’ve got to give a huge shout out to my pattern testers/copy editors, they really all provided me some much needed perspective, and found the most amazingly tiny typos too: Amy Ellis from Amy’s Creative Side, Vicki Christensen of Sew Inspired Blog, Liz Coviello from Bizzi Lizzi Creations, and Mary Weise from Mary Berry.

I’ve had more than a few folks asking me when I would finally have this finished. So I decided that since some people have been waiting so long, I’m going to have a special price on this pattern through til the end of July. It’ll be $9 now, and then in August, I’ll bump it up to $12, so if you’ve been one of those folks wanting this pattern, now is the time! 

One of the hurdles I had to cross was getting a shopping cart implemented on my website that would allow instant downloads. I love the instant gratification of PDF patterns, but only if they’re instant! I’m happy to announce that indeed the pattern is instantly available after purchase, this technical feat thrills me to no end.

I’ve also put together the hardware you need and I’m selling that as well, so you don’t have the trouble finding the hardware that I did when I first started designing messenger bags.

OK, if you’re interested, head on over and take a look at a full description and if you want to buy one, that would be grand!