How I Love my Dual Screen Monitors

I’ve been working hard on finishing up my messenger bag pattern, and having the dual screen monitors has been invaluable. I keep the developing pattern on the small screen, and work on the pictures for the next figure in photoshop on the big screen. As many of the figures have several smaller pictures, it’s really easy to take a look at the space available on the page of the pattern and use that info to work out the layout of the next figure!

Would you like to see how it’s coming? Here’s an excerpt:


click the pictures for a larger view or download the excerpt here:

Candied Fabrics Versatile Messenger Bag Pattern Excerpt.

2 Responses

  1. we have a setup like this at home too and it is really useful! these patterns — they look really detailed and the pictures are awesome. are you writing a book and i’ve missed something?? (my surfing in blogville has been spotty lately)