Make it University

I’ve got more fun news to share! This July 29-31 International Quilt Festival comes to Long Beach, which is just about 90 minutes from my house. They have this really fun set of small classes sponsored by Cloth Paper Scissors called Make it University. Here’s how it works (text from their website):

The fee for each workshop is $10, and workshop participation will be determined by lottery. Each workshop will have its own lottery. The lottery will open for each workshop the day the workshop is given, and people may put their name in each workshop lottery from the time the show opens that day up until 15 minutes prior to the start of the workshop. Participants may put their name in each workshop lottery only once, but may put their name in as many different workshop lotteries as they choose. People must be physically present 15 minutes prior to the assigned workshop to hear if their name is called. If the person isn’t present, unfortunately their spot will be forfeited and another name will be called.

I’ll be teaching a class Friday, the 29th from 12 to 1. I’ve got a fun new project to share with whomever takes the class: earrings!

I’m calling the class: Sketching with Scissors: Making Ear Candy

Escape from tracing and patterns; learn how to sketch with scissors. We will work on free-cutting bird shapes until you’ve learned to make a unique bird that reflects your personality. Then, using pre-fused hand dyed fabric, you’ll make either a pair of earrings or a necklace that features your newfound sketching skills!

What do you think? Look like fun? Want to join me?

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